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Master Spas in Luzerne, Michigan - The Best From Boyne City, The Best Master SPA PURCHASE , DELIVERY & SET UP !!

Thanks for sharing your unique perspective on your hot tub experience and we're so glad you're enjoying it!
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Good quality

This was all done in 1 day. The temp went from 64* to 99* in the matter of minutes.

The color of the light is like the "NORTHERN LIGHTS". The Jets are just like "BROADWAY JOE" tossing the "DUKE". The direction changer is like "GOING DOWN A WRONG WAY STREET TO AVOID THE COPS". The control panel is like "NASA" "CONTROL", We have a SPLASH DOWN!!!

Any one from "BC" who would like the opportunity to have a SPLASH DOWN, PLEASE contact Master SPAS for the BEST OPPORTUNITY IN SPA PLEASURE. Now for the punch line "THIS SPA IS BETTER THAN LAKE CHARLEVOIX" BEST, Greg Odette

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Master Spas in Westminster, Maryland - No Service what so ever

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. Once we received your online post, our Customer Care Manager looked into the situation and realized that it had not been closed from the original July communication with us. We're glad to note that since this morning, we've been able to touch base with the local service provider and authorized them to perform the service at no charge. Once again, we apologize that this was not handled quickly. Thank you for being a valued customer and please let us know if there is anything else you need through either customer or 800-860-7727.
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poor customer service and defective product
Preferred solution
Fix the spa, pay for a submersible pump, or give me my money back

I purchased a Twilight Series spa, Model ts40. When I went to drain the spa, I found that there was no drain plug installed.

I called Master Spas on 7/14/15-10:45am, spoke to Paul..he said he would contact a service tech to check it out. A service tech came out and confirmed that there was no drain plug. Paul said that I would have to pay a service charge to cover the amount that Master Spa would not pay to the service tech. I said that I should not have to pay for anything that should have been standard equipment on a new spa.

I then talked to Brian on 8/10/15-1:20pm, and he said he would try to resolve the situation. I then talked to Jessica on 8/14/15-11:10am, and she said the same thing. Nothing has been done. There seem to be no service backup for their spas, and no quality control.

And why should a customer have to pay for something that is standard equipment.

I have given thought to have a Lawyer become involved just for the reason of their lack of concern for the customer.

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Master Spas in Trenton, New Jersey - Company lacks in customer service

We're glad to hear you've been enjoying your H2X Swim Spa this summer. It really is a great way to exercise and help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while never having to leave your backyard!
We were disappointed to hear that you weren't receiving the support you needed from the local service company but I've been informed that we've already sent a factory service person to visit with you and everything is taken care of.
Master Spas goal is to have happy customers whether they are 100 miles or 2,000 miles away and we're glad that you're one of them. Thanks for reaching out to us and keep enjoying your H2X Swim Spa!
If you ever need anything, please feel free to contact us either at 800-860-7727 or customer
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  • What they sold me
  • Customer service
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

IN general we are happy with our H2X swim spa, it has been a great way to exercise and enjoy the summer. However, customer service is sorely lacking.

We recommend that you do not buy directly from manufacturer because you will not receive much help after the sale. Their "customer service" agent advises to call a local retail service provider (not naming who) The local retail provider says they can't service us because we did not buy the spa from them. We called another company name that the customer service agent provided to us and that company laughed and said they really can't drive 2 hours one way for the work.

We are stuck without help, and MasterSpa really doesn't care because they have our $23,000. Lesson learned, don't buy direct!

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Master Spas in Quispamsis, New Brunswick - Master Spa seems loud, constantly running, high power bill and some jets seem weak

Hope you're enjoying your new home. We'd love to help you get to know your Master Spa better and provide you some guidance for using and programming it. One of our Customer Care Representatives will be contacting you to get more details. Much of what you are describing will be able to be taken care of through programming of the hot tub. We'll also need to determine exactly what spa you have so we can provide some feedback on your other concerns. Thank you.
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Master Spas - Master Spa seems loud, constantly running, high power bill and some jets seem weak

We recently moved into a new to us home with a MasterSpa. We had a Beachcomber at our previous home and loved how economical it was to run.

I am not used to high power bills for hot tubs. Is here anything we can do to bring this down? Also, it is loud and seems to run all day/night. We read the manual and can't tell whether or not there is a better setting to have it on to keep this from happening.

Lastly, jets on half of the tub turn on full blast when we hit the "jets" button and the others seem to stay on "aux" mode with very weak output.

Is this supposed to be the case? I've attached a photo with some tub details.

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Master Spas in Topeka, Kansas - The Purchase Experience

Thank you for your recent review of Master Spas and thank you for choosing a Master Spas HL 624. Upon our receipt of your review, we contacted the local dealer that held the sales event you visited. They will be following up with the sales person you dealt with and review what is acceptable and not to say. The sale was not a factory direct event yet we sponsored some specials that allowed the dealer to pass along savings to you and other people that purchased new hot tubs or swim spas.
The HL 624 has been an extremely popular spa and we hope to hear that you are enjoying it.

Our goal is for Master Spas owners to have good experiences with their hot tubs or swim spas. We do work hard to maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and they allow an outlet for consumers that historically had not been available. The dealer that you purchased through also has a very good BBB rating of A-.

Enjoy your new spa and thanks again for choosing a Master Spa.
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Reason of review
Fair pricing

My interest...a three person tub. My non-interest...all the whistles and bells.

There are good reviews and bad reviews for all the manufacturers. No one has a perfect record. Like the saying goes, "you pay your money and take your chances".

Had thought the Artic Fox would work best for me but there was a Master Spa Road Show just a couple of miles from my house. They had a floor model close to what I was looking for and about a third ($2,000) cheaper.

Like I told the sales guy, I think the Artic Fox may be a better tub, but not $2,000 better. But here is where I see some discrepancies:

My sales guy (Cain) was from the Ft Wayne factory but wrote the contract on behalf of an Oklahoma City based company. He told me I was buying factory direct and cutting out the profit of the middle man. Nice sales pitch but I am skeptical as ***.

The factory claims a AAA Better Business rating. Here is how the get it: If there is a dispute with an unhappy customer they can duck the issue by saying they did not sell the unit, their dealer made the sale. Which is what is often repeated on this web site.

Anyway, I have very little respect for the BBB, I have found them to be more interested in protecting their fee paying business members than the unsuspecting consumer.

I don't regret my purchase and am looking forward to soaking in my tub. Will write a follow up review when I get the tub installed.

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Master Spas in Pretoria, Gauteng - Model CS738L - L for Lemon

Thank you for your recent review. We dug through all our files and systems and unfortunately can't find any details about any past issues with your hot tub. Regarding your warranty, you would have received a copy of the appropriate warranty with your hot tub when it was delivered in August of 2010. The Clarity Spa line has a 3 year surface and structure warranty along with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Some of our premium hot tub brands do come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty so you may have been looking at one of those specific brands websites.
We're sorry for any confusion and frustration you have had. Our goal is to always have our customers satisfied with the product and we continually work to make the experience better for every Master Spas owner.
If you'd like to discuss further, please contact us at 800-860-7727 or at customer
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Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Too late for any of the above - just wanted to register our story - we should have stuck with the problem, but lost interest.

Back on 8/23/10 your company delivered spa to us that we purchased at the Indiana State Fair. The spa was delivered as promised, our old spa was removed, & we were given a very quick tutorial on operation & handed a book of instructions, which was not easily understood.

But we got it filled & operational & enjoyed it for a little over a year when we got a message "heater too hot." We tried to figure out what to do from our instruction book & finally called the spa people we always dealt with. Young man worked on the spa all fall & into the winter but couldn't get it fixed so we had it winterized. Thinking it was a 5 yr. warranty as stated on your website, we had it looked at again & at your suggestion called your guy who told us the same thing to try as our guy had said.

Warranty turned out to be only a year but when our guy finally figured out what part was needed he couldn't get from you because he wasn't an "authorized dealer" & you wouldn't release the part. Bottom line, we lost our desire for a spa so it sat there until we finally decided to get rid of it when the cover started falling apart so we took a saw to it. No one wanted it. We should have called you a long time ago to have it picked up.

I will say it appeared to be well constructed though the lid never would stay on the filter & the extra filter left did not fit our model.

We just felt like your customer service was lacking as we tried to deal with your company through it all finally giving up. So no recommendation from us for Master Spas should anyone ask.

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Master Spas in Mercer, Pennsylvania - I paid 10.000 for a LEMON

Posted by Master Spas Customer Support on July 28, 2015:

A member of our Customer Care Team tried to reach out to you through both the email and phone number you submitted previously. The email was sent at 8:10am Friday morning and the phone message was left close to noon. We will try again today and also to reach out to the dealer you purchased the spa through. If you have not been getting our communication, please also feel free to email us at or call us at 800-860-7727. We look forward to getting any situation you have with the spa resolved.

Posted by Master Spas Customer Support on July 24, 2015:

Thank you for letting us know about any issues with your hot tub. First and foremost, it’s Master Spas goal to have happy hot tub owners and a member of our Customer Care team will be in touch with you to discuss the situation further.
With the information you provided, we were able to bring up the history we have on your hot tub. Unfortunately, we do not have any service claims or communication with your dealer regarding any of the issues you state in your review. We count on getting this information from our network of dealers and service centers to give us more insight into situations happening in the field and to help us continually improve our products. We look forward to talking to you and making these next several years of your hot tub ownership more enjoyable.
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  • Store that we bought our spa from has done their
  • Sold me a fake product
  • Poor quality
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
i want our hot tub replaced with one that works, or I want the one we have to be properly evaluated and fixed with a new warranty in case of future issues, I also want the $800.00 that we paid for the stereo the has never worked. I would also like a manua
  • Legal terms

Update by user Jul 30, 2015

I would like to take a minute and thank Brian from Master Spas', your phone call and your guidance meant so much to us. Just knowing that your concern of our happiness with your company's product speaks volumes.

This will keep us as customers forever. I believe that every company's product can sometimes have defects... That doesn't mean I feel Master Spa is a bad product.. It's all in how the issues are resolved.

Your customer service has been amazing. Thank you so much for being compassionate and for all that your doing to resolve these drawbacks.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely Melissa & Mark

Update by user Jul 27, 2015

I have not talked to anyone from Master Spa's, I left my phone numbers and my email. The history information would be with the dealer that we purchased our spa from in Geove City.

They are aware of our problems, was in contact with them last Monday. The Spa has been out of order for more then a week.

Update by user Jul 23, 2015

I would also like to add... After complaining about the stereo not working we received a very generic looking remote...

Still haven't been able to hear anything... The store copied off an owner manual off the internet (not the correct one) after spending an hour of our time reading the wrong manual we were even more disgusted..

We have never once discussed ANY warranty information.... I'm am just now gathering information from these reviews that I feel should have been discussed before the actual purchase.

Original review posted by user Jul 23, 2015

I paid close to $10.000 for our Master Spa, Twilight series. This spa NEVER came with an owners manual, we have also never been able to use the stereo system them cost $800.00.

It has had several leaks, the jets work off an on and the mother had to be replaced in the first year. This hot tub was suppose to be enjoyable and relaxing.. It has been very disappointing. The company we bought this tub from has fixed, or has done their best to fix any and all of our problems, however it's not even been paid off and it's been a true headache, it has cause more family drama then ever.

I sometimes feel that this tub had been used and resold... Other times I feel I bought a lemon.

It's not even two years old! Very disgusted.


Master Spas is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

My favorite spa yet. I bought a twilight 6.2 from a expo show in my local town. I went with the intention of finding a great deal. To my surprise the deals were better then I could imagine. There weren't colors to choose from but I liked the colors they had anyway....
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Master Spas in Reno, Nevada - Proceed with caution

Thank you for your recent post and choosing a Master Spa. Our Customer Care team is always ready to assist you with any issues you may have and can be reached at 800-860-7727 or We understand your frustration and will be contacting you to review the situation and get any issues you may have with your hot tub resolved.
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  • Customer service
Reason of review
Warranty issue

A little over a year with our tub and it's a huge paperweight. We bought the tub on one of their road-shows. I was sitting there with the salesman and his closer looking at all the bad reviews this company had online and I was thinking "what am I doing???"

I should have walked out. But I didn't, I bought the $8,000 spa and waited for delivery. Here I am a little over a year later and I can't get it fixed under the three year warranty. Nobody will tell you this when you buy your spa, but you must go online and register it to start your warranty, so here's your warning... go online and register your spa.

The place I contacted to fix my spa was given to me by Master Spas, and I was treated like dirt. Here's some advice. If you want to buy one of their spas first contact their warranty repair place and ask them if they'll fix it under warranty. Anyway... I call, give them a brief description of the problem along with the code that appears in the display and the repair place says that Master Spa's won't pay them to troubleshoot the problem. But the woman says she'll order the part in hopes of that being the problem. Over a week later and I call back, to see if the part is in. I get passed around by 4 people who have no idea who I am. So tip number two. If you call the warranty repair place, not the day, date, time and the person's name you spoke to.

This is when I find out that I needed to register my spa. When I bought it. You'd think a detail like that would have been communicated to me when I bought it. Nope. My advice to Master Spas is to enroll the spa the day you sell it. I bought it directly from Master Spas on one of their road shows, you'd think I wouldn't have to do something like this.

Here I am, so far three weeks with a cold spa. The factory recommended repair facility now tells me that their two weeks out, which I'm sure they're telling me because they don't want to fix my Master Spa. They give me a number for a repair place that is more than an hour away from my home, in hopes they'll come fix it.

I would recommend do not buy a Master Spa, but like me you'll probably read this bad review and buy one anyway. When it breaks, like mine did, and you can't get it fixed in a reasonable time, remember theses words... Like me, you're an ***, you should have known better, but you did it anyway so quit your whining!

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Master Spas in Weatherford, Texas - Sad ending

Thank you for your recent review. Our goal at Master Spas is that every owner of our products have an exceptional experience. We’re sorry to hear of your disappointing one with a local dealer. We look forward to getting more of your feedback as one of our Customer Care Representatives will be contacting you to discuss the situation further.
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  • Service fee
Reason of review
read the review
Preferred solution
Just sell it and move on. Lesson learned.

After talking husband into buying a master twilight 3 person spa its been a sad story. We were not informed of needing a fuse box so when the man came out with the tub we had to pay electrician extra to get one next day.

Which he put it close to spa. Then 4 months later it started leaking. Had to pay for service call which would have been ok if not for the reason being it was a lose fitting. NOT OUR FAULT!

The guy would not return payment. Now I have to sell because the test stripes are special and can only get a store that is almost 2 hours away. No mailing or ordering on line to us either. They wouldn't do that.

So the guy that sold it to us - Shame on you!! And for the leak ,also shame on you. Sadly only got to use it 3 times.

Other than that I loved the make and model. Bought it at the stock show in Fort Worth!!