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Hello. Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this situation. Since posting this, we have been made aware that this issue has now been resolved for you. As I'm sure you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately caused our suppliers to be backed up as far as supplying parts. It has also caused many servicers around the country to have backed-up schedules. With both those part shortages and schedule changes, delays in repairs are unfortunately somewhat unavoidable. We're happy to hear that your spa has now been repaired. Thanks for reaching out.
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Update by user Jul 22, 2020

Free repair.

Update by user Jul 22, 2020

This issue is now resolved. They finally got back to me and simply gave me the number of a local guy, but left up all of the coordination to me.

The extent of Master Spas involvement in getting this brand new tub back up and running was to utter out a phone number and then hang up. The repair guy was independent and super nice though. He was very very backed up due to the rona's. The part took over 2 weeks to come but he scheduled with me the next day when it finally arrived.

His repair took 10 minutes and now my tub is back up and running.

The repair was completely free, as Master Spas covered it, and if they hadn't I would have taken further action. The repair guy said that sometimes when they're building these tubs they'll get a shipment batch of bad parts, and he'll end up getting repair calls for the same thing over and over for like a week, so it didn't surprise him.

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2020

As if that wasn't disappointing enough, my experience in getting someone to fix it has been terrible. They don't have support on the weekend, so I left them and my sales rep messages.

I told the sales rep (Perry) I expect him to facilitate the repair. His voicemail back to me was "Hi this is Perry returning your call (click)" What I expected was "there will be a tech out to your house Monday first thing". I got an email from Master Spa customer support this morning telling me to call some place, probably their locally contracted support? I don't know.

I called them and got a voice mail, so we will see what happened. I emailed them back telling them that I expect all billing to be handled by them. My hopes are low, however, at this point. I'll probably get stuck with the bill.

Nothing like spending $11.7K on a tub for it to break down after 4 times of using it. The lemon taste in my mouth is so strong right now LOL

User's recommendation: If you buy, just realize that their customer service sucks.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Master Spas Pros: Tubs are very nice, Great therapy, American made.

Master Spas Cons: Post sale customer support is terrible, Salesman didnt respond to my multiple calls, Ms threw a repair guys number at me and expected me to handle it.

Location: Kuna, Idaho

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