As if that wasn't disappointing enough, my experience in getting someone to fix it has been terrible. They don't have support on the weekend, so I left them and my sales rep messages.

I told the sales rep (Perry) I expect him to facilitate the repair. His voicemail back to me was "Hi this is Perry returning your call (click)" What I expected was "there will be a tech out to your house Monday first thing". I got an email from Master Spa customer support this morning telling me to call some place, probably their locally contracted support? I don't know.

I called them and got a voice mail, so we will see what happened. I emailed them back telling them that I expect all billing to be handled by them. My hopes are low, however, at this point. I'll probably get stuck with the bill.

Nothing like spending $11.7K on a tub for it to break down after 4 times of using it. The lemon taste in my mouth is so strong right now LOL

User's recommendation: If you buy, just realize that their customer service sucks.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Store Location: Kuna, Idaho

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