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Master Swim Spa H2X

Thank you for your post. We'd like the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or This situation with your suction cover was beyond our control and we’d love the opportunity to explain it to you. Thank you
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I had a problem replacing my inlet suction cover which was broken at the bottom of the steps. Master Spa will not sell me a direct replacement and that I would have to go with a different type.

I would have to flip the spa on its side and basicly replace all 3 inlet suction fittings.

Do you know how much a 8 foot by 17 foot spa weights and I would need a crain like that to move it. You just can do that and the weight would probable crack the spa being on its side.

So I replace their cheep covers with Stainless steel fittings that I bought off of E-bay for about $14 apeice and replace them all and it only cost me about $45 dollars to replace all 3 covers instead of the pain I would have to go through.


Same issues. Unbelievable.

They don't sell the part because the suction can KILL YOU OR MORE LIKELY A CHILD. Costs 1000 to retrofit less powerful suction.

They know this but refuse to issue a recall or fix the problem. They're going get sued into bankruptcy .only matter of time

Not Unlike GM knowing their ignition switches were killing a small number of people but found it cheaper to do nothing!!


Can you share how you made the covers I am experiencing the same thing with my hot tub. Thanks


Same problem, where did you find the SS rpelacement covers?

My email is gbowhay@***.com


Same problem. Please let me know what you guys bought!!

My email is harryfeinberg@***.com. Thanks!!


This is the exact same problem I am having with my LS850! Can you give any info on who the replacement fittings were purchased from?

I've been looking everywhere! Thanks!


I have the exact same problem. Where can i find the stainless steel fittings? Any help is much appreciated!

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Masterspa refused to fix damage caused by their warrantied part

Thank you for your post. We'd love for the opportunity to discuss the situation with you further. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or Thank you
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Warranty issue

The heater to my masterspa failed at the end of the winter. When I went out to check the water, I discovered that as a result of the failed heater, pipes had frozen and cracked.

Masterspa is replacing the heater under warranty but will not warranty repair the freeze damage resulting from the failed heater. Masterspa's warranty excludes freeze damage. They take the position that the warranty excludes freeze damage, even when caused by the failure of a part which is warrantied.

For a product costing more than $10,000, advertised as the best of the best and intended to be used in the Northeast in cold weather, their approach to customer service is truly appalling. I would never buy their products again.


I do service and technical training for 11 Major hot tub manufacurer's. Masterspas is one, as is Hot Springs, Jacuzzi, Sundance, Artesian...

to name a few. None of them cover freeze damage.


Chris is absolutely correct. if you live in a cold climate and you don't check on your spa once in a while, then you are to blame. As a MAster Spa dealer for 11 years and a technician for 21 years, I can tell you that no one stands behind their products better than Master Spas and most are terrible.

Under warranty, Master Spas replaces the entire heater component including the sensors, not just the element.



Chris is absolutely correct. if you live in a cold climate and you don't check on your spa once in a while, then you are to blame. As a MAster Spa dealer for 11 years and a technician for 21 years, I can tell you that no one stands behind their products better than Master Spas and most are terrible.

Under warranty, Master Spas replaces the entire heater component including the sensors, not just the element.



Every single manufacturer of spas does not cover freeze damage like this. Your heater is a a Balboa, absolutely top of the pile. You must have left your tub for a very long time for this to have happened.

It would be like expecting Ford to replace your car because your tire blew and you crashed...

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Master Spa Sucks

Thank you for your post and bringing this to our attention. We’d love the opportunity to discuss this more with you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or
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Bad quality
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I, too made the mistake of buying a Master Spa from Stevenson Pools. BTW Stevenson is whole different and lengthy complaint!!

I am getting ready to file suit against Master Spa.

I have had my stereo and TV serviced 12 times and still they don't work. The finish began to crack after the first year. I called MS and they told me they would give me a $60.00 credit against the cracked finish...the spa cost me $15000.00!!!!


The only relief will come in court. I will let you know the suit proceeds.


It shouldn't matter where you buy the spa....its all about HOW the spa is made. If its shoddy workmanship..then the spa will break down as mine has.

My suit has been filed and I will let you know the outcome.

If anyone else has had similar problem...please let me know.

Maybe we should consider a CLASS ACTION suit????


I am behind you 100%. Tell me about the lawsuit.

Master Spa and BBq show should be denied access to any customers in Arkansas because they have no local service techs. The swimspa in not chemical free because of the EurPur filter, as both salesmen said at the show.

I told them this is not the pool I order and for them to pick it up and return my 50% of $30,000.



We are having a similar problem and would like to find out more about the law suit. I think class action is needed. My name is Dave email dsuo2009@***.com thx


It sounds like dealer problems and not spa problems to me.

master Spas is one of the best spas on the market today. But like any product, not infallible. That is where the dealer comes in.

Sounds like you guys bought from poor dealers.


I'm wondering if Gevans or Carlos has taken the opportunity to contact Master Spas who in my 21 years in the business has one of the most responsive customer service depts i have ever seen.


I have an older model Legend 1050, I have had the techs out several times to service my spa too. They are very expensive and do not know what they are doing. The first tech told me that I needed 3 new pumps and a new board and to be prepared to spend upwards of $3,000. Two fuses and lot's of Google research later, I was back up and running (spent $10 on fuses).

The spa department of the pool house I went to are a bunch of baboons.

I do not endorse Master Spa, I wish I never bought this *** thing in the first place, it has been a nightmare.


Can u please direct me to the info u found on the web for your 1050 master spa. I am we'll am having fuse problems.

Thank you!


We would love to be of help in resolving this matter as quickly as possible. Please contat Master Spas Customer Service at 800-860-**** or by email at customerservice@***.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Master Spas are Junk. Can't get service.

Thank you for your post. We'd love the opportunity to discuss this further with you and your local dealer. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or
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Bad quality
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I have only had my Master Spa for a year and have had nothing but problems with it. The heater has failed twice and I have had to replace the main pump.

The worst thing is that when I drained it to replace the pump I noticed that the acrylic in the bottom of the spa has a blister and crack in it. I have contacted Master Spas and the dealer I bought it from Leisure Works and they will not do anything about it.

I spent over $10,000.00 of this pile of junk and have nothing good to say about either company. I just want this thing gone and I will never by a Master Spas again.


Master spas of wisconsin will give you a good sales pitch but once they drop your tub off, you are on your own. The swim spa manuels are not user friendly and the controls are difficult to figure out, and you can't get a decent explanation by even calling the manufacturer in IN! Buy a spa locally so you can have the seller come out and give you a lesson.


Kreg, Chris, SpaLady and Robert are dead on. I have 21 years experience as a service technician and currently work for a Master Spas dealer in NY.

In the 12 years we have carried the product, Master Spas has never given us any reason to doubt their commitment to the customer, the product or the dealer. The have out performed every other brand I have worked with.

I'm not saying they are perfect, nobody and no product is. The difference is how they respond when there is a problem.

For Chris C in NH. I know the dealer there personally and have contacted him on your behalf.


We purchased a Master Spa a bit out of the territory we live in and have had a lot of problems. The same problem really that never gets resolved.

Since the seller is 2 hours away, they are pretty much only giving phone support, though they claimed they sold a lot of spas in our local area (when giving the pitch). There was a oily residue upon the 1st fill of this spa and we have dumped it about 8 times since trying to get rid of it. I am being told that I am the "only person this has ever happened to" and that it has to be a water quality issue.

Well.....since we have brought in water from four cities, that cant be the issue. Spending a little money to get this piece of *** out of my life will be a pleasure!


I have a Master Spa Legend 1080 spa. In my area, finding a quality service tech is close to impossible.

My dealer went out of business, left me stranded with outstanding warranty issues, and the service companies would take weeks to show, and weeks later to come back....and guess what....without the parts to fix the problem. I called Master Spa directly and there was actually no way to talk to a person, really. I've been pleased with my spa, but it has outstanding service issues dating back to when I purchased it. I'm going to try Master Spas number noted in another posting tomorrow and start this over again.

I'm still within my 5 year warranty and currently have bad electrical control problems. millertime802@***.com.

I ain't afraid of ghosts. Master Spa...please feel free to email me.


I've had the pumps repaired twice,the cheap plastic shutoff valves are worthless,nonstainless steel bolts and screws require a sawsall to move the control panel and bolts that secure the pumps,access to pumps are ridiculous,I paid top dollar for this unit,I show as many people as I can your unit, good luck with sales in Ct.


Purchased a new spa in mid may and haven't been able to use it because unable to control temperature of water. Constantly increases to plus 104 degrees.

Have contacted a service technician which it took over a week to responed, he finally came out which cost us and he reset board (10 mins. he was here and cost 125.00) and then he left. Problem continues. Also, when they were taking panel off I had to show them because they were doing it wrong.

Also, we have not recieved steps to spa which has been over a month and have called with no repsonse. Have been very disappointed with the service and the performance of Master Spa's. How you have maintained a A+ with the BBB is beyond me.

If I could, this spa would be returned in a heart beat. And yes, I am a for real customer.


We have been a Master Dealer for over 20 years in the Michiana area, and have over 6,000 Master Spa customers with Master Spas & Swim Spas. We have experienced very few service issues with their products, and I find it very hard to believe "any" consumer contacted Master Spas regarding any service issues with their Master Spa products and we not immediately taken care of.

One thing I will say about Master Spas is "they stand behind their products" 100%. if their dealer has customers with problems with their products, they will repair and/or replace that product immediately. I know, they have replace a couple for us through the years, no questions asked! If your local Dealer is blowing you off on service on your Master Spa, call Master Spa directly at 260/436-****.

Trust me, it not Master Spa the manufacture that's not resolving any issues you encounter. They pay the deLer to do "what ever it takes" to resolve customer issues if they should arise. Want/need help resolving any issues you have with your Master Spa product, call us, we'll help you resolve your issues.

We're Spas Factory Direct in Mishawaka Indiana. Just ask for Robert.


Is it? I just spent close to $30,000 on a pool/spa and reading this has me concerned. I've contacted tech support several times and I seem to get brushed off.


:grin This is so obviously not a real customer... a local dealer who has lost too many sales to Master no doubt...

the control and heating system are Balboa... top of the pile, all the top brands use this system.

2 heaters, a pump and a shell fault... give me a break... :grin


I agree with the representatives of Master Spas. If a customer makes a public complaint, then refuses to respond when the manufacturer or dealer tries to resolve the problem, they are probably bogus!

competitors who resort to this type of misinformation are a blight on any industry.

Customers who have legitimate complaints need to give the dealer or manufacturer a chance. I would also like to say that this is another reason why consumers should only buy from local, established businesses, not fly by night road shows.

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