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I love my master spa

I purchased a twilight spa 7.2 as I need it for my chronic arthritis. I saw an advertisement for a factory direct sale and went to inquire about a spa. I purchased a spa after reviewing this website I was a little concerned. I was asked to look at the BBB and it was an A plus. The salesman then explained that these sights are not regulated and most of these blogs are from there competitors. After having my spa for 3 months I felt obligated to say how incredible my spa is. As far as I can tell my power bill has only gone up 15-20 dollars and the mineral system that we upgraded to is amazing. I was terrified to spend that kind of money on a hot tub but we are happy we did. Thanks for listening.
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
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Look at the BBB for the company that actually puts on the shows. Master pool and spa out of MN. There are very many complaints.


Chritopher Bie


Now we vacation in our own backyard. The safest place on earth. We sleep better and wake up fuller rested. Better than paying $100 a week to get a Massage at Massage Envy. The neck and shoulder jets are fantastic. The master blaster foot massagers are the best. They are easy to take care of, easier than a pool. Great Spa!!! Great People!!! We have a hot tub, my friend has a Michael Phelps Swim Spa and they really enjoy it. You can work out in water with a treadmill or stainless steel underwater exercise bike. They use it all the time.Keep up the good work. Brian Green
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Reason of review:
Good quality

Master Spas's reply to: Horrible Home Show Experience!

Thank you for your post. We'd like to get more information on who you bought our product from so we can contact them on your behalf. Please contact our Customer Service Department at either 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com. Thank you
Rosaura Jil
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Horrible Home Show Experience!

I purchased a swim spa from a home show in New Jersey, what a steal. I was taken to the bank with it. They delivered a lesser sized model than I put a deposit on and would not refund my deposit when I refused to take delivery of a different model.

Honestly, deal with a reputable company that is within driving distance of where you live so issues can be resolved eaily and in a timely fashion.

DO NOT buy from a "show team" as they are there for one thing, SALES.

They do not care about you once you've giving your hard earned cash for deposit.

Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Master Spas's reply to: Fraudulent Business Practices

Thank you for your posting. We'd love for the opportunity to learn more about your experience. The sales event you describe was not held by the manufacturer, Master Spas, Inc. but by an independently owned dealer however there are a few discrepencies in some of the things you describe. We'd love to get to the bottom of this for you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com. Thank you

Fraudulent Business Practices

Beware of these guys, they are CROOKS. Went to the Orange County event in September 2013 after seeing and hearing mega advertising on tv and radio.

I noticed there was not much inventory for sale (near the end of 2nd day). I was told that they would sell out all their inventory and then take orders for product and deliver after the show (requires a deposit). The slick salesman told me that the spa did not need chemicals because of special filter. I then asked him why I could smell chlorine and he avoided answering.

Dumb me that was my first indication of their fraudulent business practices. The product has an appealing look and the salesmen know how to lie, I mean sell. I was persuaded to make an offer on a larger spa than I originally was looking at due to features and "an exceptional deal." The exceptional deal was due to the fact that the unit had some cosmetic damage to the outside of the tub. (The pricing was good compared to the ridiculous high asking price).

I told the salesman I needed to verify that the spa would physically fit in the location of my existing spa. i made a remark on the contract to that effect. I did notice that the contract stated in several locations that ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The sales guy told me before I signed the contract, no problem if the spa will not fit we will cancel the contract.

GUESS WHAT, after signing the contract and confirming within several hrs that there is no way the spa will fit they refused to refund the deposit. Their action despite the fact that the salesman admitted that they were able to resell the unit AND at a HIGHER price than I agreed to pay. Why would you keep a customer's deposit when you have not lost any money unless you are a crook. They graciously agreed to allow me to purchase any other product with the deposit.

it was at that point I did what i should have done earlier, investigate who was behind BBQ Pool and Spa Show. At the show I was introduced to a "factory representative." i called the factory and was told that this person was not a factory representative and had no connection to the factory. I was also told that the factory had no connection with the BBQ Pool and Spa show, but yet the factory offered to honor my deposit towards a future purchase. These guys (BBQ Pool and Spa) are sleazy and dishonest.

I checked the product and warranty information posted on the manufacturer's web site and found more inaccurate (or should I say outright lies) information made during the sales presentation regarding product warranty. Plain and simple it is fraud. Look at the posting made by the guy who has a valid warranty claim (Spa keeps heating - temp *** The factory and the seller BBQ Pool and Spa Show both walked away from this problem because it was going to cost them to much to correct.

I am happy that I didnot purchase from these guys.

Robert - HB

Reason of review:
Bad quality
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No spa can clean with just an ozonator and shock. Forget that filter within a filter too..

just ***. When I asked for some documentation, they referred me to a website that was actually not their own. And, no sales rep would give me his business card. These spas are flimsy, very shallow, poor quality of plastic.

The spa we did purchase is gorgeous and manufactured 20 minutes from my door. We purchased from Coast Spas ....

comparing a lemon to a BMW. Go with quality.

Master Spas's reply to: Water heats up while in use.

Thank you for your post. We'd like to get more information from you so we can review this situation. You mention that you have communicated with our Customer Service Department. As a result, we will have some records of this communication but in order for us to access these records, we need you to reach out to us so we can know who you are. Also, do you have your spa inside or outside? "Thermal creep" can happen in mid to warm climates just as heat loss can happen in cool to cold climates. We'll look forward to discussing these things with you if you reach out to us at either 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com
Klaire Xci
map-marker Newburgh, New York

Water heats up while in use.

I purchased a Master Spas Twilight Series 7.2 hot tub from Orange County Pools and Spas in Middletown, NY in May 2013. Since then, I have had nothing but trouble. The primary issue

is what is called “thermal *** Thermal *** I have discovered, is when the hot tub’s water temperature continues to rise, while in use, above the temperature that the tub’s thermostat is set to maintain. In the case of this tub, the water temperature will continue to rise by 1 degree every 15 minutes for the time that is in use. For instance, the outside temperature the other night was 60 degrees and the hot tub’s thermostat was set to maintain a water temperature of 97 degrees. After 50 minutes of use the water temperature was 100 degrees and continues to rise an additional degree every 15 additional of use until turned off. The Orange County Spools and Spas Service Technician came to our house and ran the tub, observed the temperature rise himself, acknowledged that this problem was occurring and stated that it was not normal for the hot tub to operate in this manner. The technician called Masterspa from my home to inform them.In an attempt to address this acknowledged problem, the Orange County Spools and Spas Service Technician returned to our home several times and replaced the mother board, control panel and both pumps. It should also be noted that one of the pumps was already failing at this point (leaking water about a month after purchase) at the time and needed to be replaced anyway. None of these actions rectified the thermal *** problem. Ben, from the Orange County Pools and Spas Service Department, also told us that he ran the same model in his store for 2 continuous hours and the water temperature only rose 1 degree and agreed that our tub was not operating as it should. The Orange County Spools and Spas Service Technician did acknowledge that the excess heat was being generated by the friction of the pumps themselves and that the tub has no mechanism for cooling itself off.

I have serious health issues, including Lupus and Fibromyalgia. My only son was also recently killed in action in Afghanistan. The hot tub provides a measure of relief from my physical pain and stress, but if I can’t stay in the tub for more than 15 minutes at a time, it makes the tub useless to me and pointless to have. I paid $10,000 for this tub and I should be able to use it. All of my friends who have hot tubs and all of my online research indicate that this degree of thermal *** is not normal operation for a hot tub and should not be occurring. Orange County Pools and Spas’ final offer to us was to charge us $400.00 to come and pick it up, sell it in their show room as a used tub and whatever price it sold for would be paid to us. This is a new hot tub! This tub is under still under standard warranty, we paid for an extended warranty and the problems began- and Orange County Pools and Spas was notified- within 2 weeks of the tub’s installation in our home. This is not how you stand behind the purchase of a new- and expensive- product.

After we had exhausted all attempts to correct the problem, we requested that Orange County Spools and Spas take the hot tub back and refund our money. We were then told by the Orange County Pools and Spas Service Technician – who originally acknowledged the problem because he observed it himself during his first home service call- that we shouldn’t run the tub for more than 15 minutes at a time and that we should add cold water if the temperature rises. Neither of these solutions are expressed in the hot tub’s owner’s manual, nor does the manual state that it is normal for the tub’s water temperature to continue to rise. We talked to the Service Department at Orange County Pools and Spas and to Customer Service at Master Spas, the tub’s manufacturer. Each pointed the finger at each other in regard to approving a refund. We have sent numerous e-mails to Orange County Pools and Spas, and to master spa, regarding this issue and they have not responded. They did reply to our e-mails promptly prior to our purchase of the hot tub, though. They did finally answer us through Orange County Pools and Spas Face Book page and stated that this was normal operation for this hot tub and that a refund would not be approved. We advised them that they are leaving us no further recourse and that we would be consulting an attorney and contacting the Better Business Bureau. We also told them that we were considering posting the details of our ordeal to online consumer websites, so that others would not have to go through what we went through. The person on the Orange County Pools and Spas Face Book page then made a veiled threat by stating “beware that all slander issues will be pursued”. I asked several times who I was speaking to and that person ignored the question and refused to identify himself/herself. So now, I have a $10,000 hot tub that is only 3 months old, that I cannot use, cannot be repaired, cannot get a refund for and a veiled threat from an unidentified person at Orange County Pools and Spas to pursue legal action against us for “slander” if we tell our story (we did save and print the Face Book exchange). This is not good faith business. Instead of providing the relief from my illnesses that I thought it would be, it is causing additional stress and possible financial hardship. If you are reading this, please avoid making the same mistake that we made by purchasing a Master Spas hot tub. Master spa claims we the tub is working, I guess a working tub you can't use the jets more than 15 minutes according to them. however you can use the jets on the lower settings. which is really low that you really cant feel. When we bought the Tub we where never informed of any of this. so they lie to you to get you to buy their tubs. if anyone wants to come over and try my tub let me know I can show you first hand this tub is bad so do not waste your money.. Master spa won't even offer me another model. So don't say I didn't warn you. I did my research and I did see that their were some bad reviews, and after seeing the tub, I said it can't be all bad. boy was I wrong. Now I'm stuck with a 10,000.00 tub that just sits on my deck. once its off of warranty I'm dumping it and getting a new one.. if you decide to buy one good luck.

Reason of review:
Bad quality

We visited their show at the Tradex recently just to look at them because none of our investigations into tubs included them. We did buy a superior tub from Coast Spas, and it is amazing.

Anyway, it didn't take me long to recognize bald-face lies when I heard them. 1) No spa can clean with just an ozonator, shock and filters. 2) I smelled the clorine, too 3) No documentation or sales card when I asked for them 4) Sold signs on tubs, how *** do you think I am? If that wasn't a hook, I don't know what is..

the place was empty of customers. 5) cheap plastic covers and short shallow tubs made with very cheap plastic. You have to visit other places to recognize terrible quality.

Sorry you got burned... literally.


we don't use our much which is sad. when it dies will be shopping for a hot tub that has nothing to do master spa, and it will not be with the local guys.

they all tell you what you want to hear. next time we will spends months studying every hot tub out there. we did visit other places this family owned company seemed to own many of the stores. their were only a couple we could go to, and my husband like this one and it was local if something is wrong with it.

the lawyers told me it would cost me more to take them to court so they said it wasn't not worth it. You live and learn. for the guy who thinks the video is *** it was the only I could show the temp going up on a chilly night.

He must work for master spa. ill check out Coast spas..


i'm a service tech very familiar with master spas and think your problem is related to the pump motors that master spas uses... part of the issue could be a total lack of fresh air getting to the pumps.

master spas has repeatedly OVER insulated around the pumps causing them to run hot... it might be worth looking into this.


that's the stupidest video I've ever seen! there must be operator error? I've had a master spa LS700 for 8yrs with not one problem!


I noticed there are several "bs" ratings on these statements

We also have a master spa 7.2 with the temp *** issues

We have also replaced both pumps and just yesterday the 24 hr circulator

Pump died causing a electrical phase issue tripping 2 50a breakers

And the 200a main for house. Had electrician verify everything electrically

Was ok and it is...... For the money our experience has been

Very costly with this spa and we would not buy another master spa

Product. Although very nice in appearance it constantly has problems

And is an energy hog. Our electric bills have increased 80.00 per month

Running at 100 degrees and used for 1/2 hr twice a week. Again we feel

The product is not worth the money or aggravation of leaks, pump failures,

And the hassle we should have heeded the poor reviews

This may not be your experience with the product but it has been ours unfortunately


I'm sorry your having the same problem. we have complained to master spa and they wont do anything.

I hope people read this and do not buy any master spas tubs. once ours dies we will be getting a new one. It's was waste of money. its sad I can't wait for it to break down for good so I can get a new one.

master spa is trash.

it Looks nice but it will cost you. yes our electric bill went way up when the sales person said it wouldn't


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Master Spas's reply to: Master Spa Momentum problem was fixed by Master Spa

Thank you for your posting and glad to hear that your Momentum swim spa is running great now. We appreciate your patience and hope you are enjoying the swim spa! If you need anything else, please feel free to contact us at 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com. Thank you and happy swimming!

Master Spa Momentum problem was fixed by Master Spa

We bought a 2010 series Momentum 50 Master Spa. We had problems with the swim spa from the very start.

We were in contact with the dealer every few months and they came to fix the spa at least 6 times (2 hours drive each way), but the problems kept returning. The problem was largely that the swim spa area would heat up and we were not able to lower the temperature to a comfortable level. There was also a recurring problem with the propulsion system.

After 2.5 years, Master Spa decided to solve our problem permanently. They sent two service technicians from Wisconsin to Cape Cod, Massachusetts (20 hours drive) and they worked for two very long days to completely re-plumb our system.

It now works like a charm. They charged us NOTHING for this exceptional service, even though some of the repairs were out of warrantee.

To all the complainers I only have to say that Master Spa delivers on their commitment and stands behind their product. All it takes is patience and persistence and good record keeping, but that is true for all large purchases.

Reason of review:
Good customer service
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I would love to know what exactly they had to do to replumb your hot tub.

We are experiencing the same problem in that you cannot control the temperature, and it overheats constantly. The dealer and manufacturer are talking about cutting vents into the shell to compensate for the over insulation.

But it sounds like they had to do more than that with your hot tub.

Could you advise?

thanks so much.

Master Spas's reply to: Spa failed at one year. Company refuses to consider covering cost of repairs

Thank you for your post. We'd like to get further information from you regarding this situation. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com.
Henrique Drc

Spa failed at one year. Company refuses to consider covering cost of repairs

We purchased our spa at what was advertised as a factory direct sale in Syracuse NY in July 2012. The reason for our purchase was theraputic as my husband has a fused spine from a car accident.

The spa was delivered the next day as they were packing up the circus was obviously leaving town the next day. We had our spa professionally installed in mid September because it took time to have a contractor lay the cement pad and do the wiring. We used our spa and properly maintained it accordingly for one year and two weeks. On September 25th we check the spa to find out that it was no longer operating and the circuit breaker kept kicking out.

We called the manufacturer who gave us the number for a local repair company and advised us that it was no longer under warranty. The repair ended up being for the pump/control unit and cost us close to $500 to repair. According to the repair place a warrenty of only one year is very uncommon and there should be no reason why the product failed at one year. I have been trying to take this issue up with Master Spa whose website states that they stand by their product after the sale to no avail.

Apparently not on top of it obviously being a very poorly made product. One of their main selling points is that it is made here in the U.S. and we were happy to support and maintain jobs here in the U.S. which was another reason for buying this articular spa.

Considering that technically the warrenty was only two weeks out of time they should have at least attempted to resolve our issue. Instead this company takes a too bad so sad attitude.

Be warned that while company boosts that they stand by their product on their website and states they make a the highest quality spa when the opposite is in fact the case. Be prepared to pay to fix this product or turn it into a very, very expensive fish pond in one year.

Reason of review:
Bad quality

Master Spas's reply to: Master Spas will not uphold the warranty they told me I had with them.

Thank you for your post. We'd like the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727. The Twilight Series Spa you purchased has a 5 year Surface and Structure Warranty and a 3 year Parts and Labor warranty. The control panel is covered under the Parts and Labor warranty as clearly outlined in the warranty you printed off. We are sorry for this misunderstanding.
Jessalynn Kbt
map-marker Colorado Springs, Colorado

Master Spas will not uphold the warranty they told me I had with them.

We purchased a Twilight series spa at a show in Colorado Springs. We were told to register on line and we did.We printed out the warranty which said it has a 5 year warranty.

Now at 4 years, the control panel is out and they tell me I only had a 3 year warranty and the cost to fix my problem will cost over $500.00.Also when they delivered the spa the cover was back ordered for at least 3 weeks. What good is a spa without a cover. Then when we started using the spa.

The pump went out. That was covered under warranty but the spa was only one month old.

Reason of review:
Warranty issue

Master Spas's reply to: Master Spa Stay Far Away

Thank you for your post. We'd like the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727. Master Spas, Inc. does not sell direct to the public. We are a manufacturer but would like to reach out to the retailer that you visited to discuss this with them. Thank you and we look forward to discussing this with you.
Chelcy Ikg
map-marker Alameda, California

Master Spa Stay Far Away

I was taken by this company! I am a college educated adult that has never been so *** in all my life!

I was recovering from surgery that is my excuse.

So at the expo we got told all kind of total BS and that the price was so great nearly 6000 for a 3 person spa. We were shown all the awards, promised high efficiency, promised the electric needs at my house to get the spa running would be under 1000 and that the product is superior. I immediately said, I will go home, call my electrician and than come back or call.

That was when heavy sales tactics took over, there won't be anymore spas, you should sign now because its a great deal.

So, two days later after doing the research and getting electric estimates I called to cancel my counteract (three days in CA) I received harassing phone calls from the delivery guy, the lady at the base office was rude and I never got a return call from the manager. I did get a call from my sales rep that talked me in circles , stated she has strong morals and would never do her job if it was not legit. So, they would not cancel my contract.

I cannot sale the POS because everyone reads the reviews, I was only dumb one that did not. And 4 electrician estimates later cheapest quote so far to get house up to par 3900. So that was a lie from them too.

Smooth talking cheats and a 6000 lesson in life for me. Oh and a brand new spa that will never be used.

Reason of review:
Bad quality

Master Spas's reply to: Love & Hate My Master Spa

Thank you for your post. We'd like the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727. Thank you.
Beatrix Yar
map-marker Media, Pennsylvania

Love & Hate My Master Spa

Updated by user Aug 26, 2013

On June 14, 2013 I posted about several problems. Now, a little over two months later, I would like to add that one of the main jet pumps is making some crazy noises, and most likely needs to be replaced.

So May of 2010 through August of 2013, circulation pump replaced, heater replaced-twice, bad filters, leaking LED lights, and now a jet pump needs to be replaced. What's Next???

Original review Jun 14, 2013

Went to a 2010 Spa show in Wilmington Delaware and purchased a Master Spa (Twilight 8.3) through West Chester Spas, Pa (No longer in business). Spa was delivered in May, 2010. I have to say I love the Spa, but have had yearly issues from day one! From the start, the circulation pump was bad. Spa was under warranty and was repaired, Great! Spring 2011- the heater went bad. Under warranty, Great! Spring 2012- Spa kept shutting down. After several days and several calls with West Chester Spa, it turned out one of the NEW filters was bad and not flowing properly. They replaced filters, Great! Spring of 2013- Noticed the water level kept dropping. One of the LED lights, which hadn't worked properly for about two years (but didn't really bother us) was cracked and leaking. Also the Spa kept shutting down. Why? Bad Heater!

One Month out of warranty! Not Covered! Customer Service tells me it's due to Bad Water Chemistry. Really!!! I am meticulous when it comes to any maintenance in my home. I have followed their suggested cleaning and filter & water changes. We spent $9000.00 on a Spa that needs a new heater every two years?


Media, Pa

Reason of review:
Bad quality

Master Spas's reply to: Everyone Complains, but I LOVE my spa!

Thank you for your post and glad to hear you are enjoying your Master Spa!
Lennie Wha
map-marker La Jolla, California

Everyone Complains, but I LOVE my spa!

It appears as if the website name says it all! I was searching for information online because I saw a commercial locally for a sale, but missed the times, and came across this online!

It is very disappointing!! I bought a spa from this company almost four years ago, and absolutely love it! I just wanted to go down to the sale to get filters! Why is it people only take the time to review things when they are angry??

Why is there not a website providing reviews called HAPPY CUSTOMER?? you know there is a lot more happy ones than "pissed-off" ones. Well if that website existed I would be their poster child! Sorry for not *** and moaning like everyone else on here, but I am happy!

I bet they won't even post this because I am not PISSED OFF!

I say if you read this, go buy a spa from them, you will love it! Don't let a few crazies ruin your chance at doing something you will enjoy!!

Reason of review:
Bad quality
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I also brought the Clarity Spa range from a Master Spa dealer in my Dealer in my City found people very helpful in terms of giving me the right suggestions within my budget . Even the after sales people were very effective and helped me solve the filter problem on sunday even as per my suitable time

Master Spas's reply to: Lawsuit between Master Pool and Spa or BBQ show

Mr. Yother - We're sorry to hear of your issue however we would like to point out that your issue is very clearly between yourself and a company called Master Pool and Spa and NOT Master Spas, Inc. We hope your situation has been resolved to your satisfaction. Thank you
map-marker Morrilton, Arkansas

Lawsuit between Master Pool and Spa or BBQ show

Master Pool and Spa, inc dba Spa Pool and BBQ show is suing me and I have counterclaim against them. Here is the information filed with the court.IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF GARLAND COUNTY, ARKANSASCIVIL DIVISIONCASE NO.

CV - 13-218COUNTERCLAIMComes now the Defendant, Harlan Yother, and for his Counterclaim against Plaintiff Master Pool and Spa, INC and d/b/a Spa Pool and BBQ Show, alleges and states:Mr. Duane Chapman and his supervisor Dan, sales representatives for Master Pool and Spa, INC and d/b/a Spa Pool and BBQ Show held at the Little Rock Statehouse Convention Center, on September 22, 2012 misrepresented and falsified to the Defendant the contracted product information agreed too at the time of signing for the customized HTX Force Spa pool to be ordered directly from the factory. Also, Plaintiff purposely withheld vital warranty details that would have stopped the Defendant from entering into a contract for said pool. Plaintiff did not deliver the contracted product.

The facts are as follows:Breach of Contract: Defendant and spouse were told the HTX Force Spa pool ordered would only need the one EcoPur filter that would make the pool chemical free and no other chemicals would be needed because this “special one-of-a-kind filter” patented system was designed especially for their products and in fact other added chemicals could potentially damage the EcoPur filter.Defendant and spouse were shown what the EcoPur filter looked like when the salesman displayed it on a table. The HTX Force Spa pool delivered on November 16, 2012 has a different filter system and there are two types of filters instead of one. Plaintiff sales representatives demonstrated to the Defendant where the EcoPur filter would enter from a top opening compartment and the ease of having to replace the one filter. Defendant was told that this type of compartment model would be ordered to be installed in the factory HTX Force Spa pool.

This same filter compartment is not on the pool that was delivered.Mr. Duane Chapman clearly “marked out” the square box on the signed contract, where the filter/skimmer box was first checked, at the specific request of the Defendant in agreement that the pool ordered would not have a skimmer and would only have one EcoPur filter like the model demonstrated at the show and viewed by both parties. Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices: Defendant and spouse were told that no pool chemicals would be needed with the use of the “special” EcoPur filter system. The pool arrived with six different chemical bottles and test strips from a “starter kit” to check the water chemicals in the pool.

The pamphlet in the box with the chemicals instructed that one bottle of chemicals was supposed to be used at initial water filling of the pool. Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Fraudulent Concealment: Master Pool and Spa, INC and d/b/a Spa Pool and BBQ Show sales representatives gave false statements about the service warranty on the contracted pool. When asked about local service providers, Defendant and spouse were informed that Master Pool and Spa, INC had “local service” people to handle any problems that would occur for five years for parts and labor. Defendant found out later, they did not manufacture the pool but another company called Master Spa, Inc.

does and the warranty was actually covered by the second company. Master Pool and Spa, Inc. salesmen failed to tell the Defendant that Master Spa, Inc. is a different company than Master Pool and Spa, INC and d/b/a Spa Pool and BBQ Show.The Master Pool and Spa, INC salesmen held back at the time of contractual commitment vital information about the warranty, in that a local service provider selected by Master Pool and Spa, Inc.

could charge a “reasonable fee for travel” from their company office to the location of the pool. Defendant was informed after the signing of the contract that the cost for travel alone could be between $3.00 to $5.00 per mile and travel expense is not included as part of the labor cost in the pool warranty. The service provider that contacted Defendant, due to a large broken jet on delivery that needed repair, was located in Fort Smith, AR which is 150 miles away from the location of the delivered pool. This would have been an extra unexpected expense burden to the Defendant of approximately $750.00 one way, or $1,500.00 roundtrip.

That particular warranty information would have stopped the Defendant from signing the contract. WHEREFORE, the Defendant prays that the Court will enter judgment in favor of the Defendant and against Plaintiff as follows:1. Plaintiff is to reimburse in cash the fully prepaid deposit of $15,852.75 by the Defendant. 2.

Defendant’s just and proper relief and damages incurred herein at a value of 3 times the cost of the contract, $92,115 due to the unfair deceptive business practices and fraud demonstrated by the Plaintiff in concealment of actual product details.3. For such other and further relief as the Court seems just in the premises.

Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

I received the same information when I purchased my spa 2 months ago and now we use chemicals every week. Not to mention the fact that I purchased the Tuscan Sun model which is beige in color and I received something they call Tuscan Sun and is Grey.

I have called them numerous times and also East Coast Spas they are the ones that did the show where I purchased my spa

I am very disappointed and have gotten no where with them

I'm ready to call my credit card company and have them deal with the company.

This is not what I was sold on.


We actually just purchased a basic lil unit today at a show...granted, there wasn't much to see since the advertisements stated BBQs and Patio Decor but the guy we talked too was actually really nice to us and answered all our questions. He actually did recommend putting a little bit of chlorine after every use and gave us his name and cell number if we had questions. So, right now, Master Spa hasn't been bad to us, and as far as we can tell, been upfront, or at least this particular sells man was.


Your an *** for not knowing that water chemistry is critical to all spa's and pools. Chemicals are REQUIRED to balance the water. The master spa system only reduces the use of the harsher ones.

Next time do your research before you make such a large purchase.


:? Update to the lawsuit, filed in Garland County, Arkansas.

Master Pool and Spa, Inc denied each item in my counterclaim, as I expected. Now we go into the next phase, Discovery Phase. I get to ask them questions and to produce documents. They get to ask me questions too.

If this helps other people to know their rights, great! I will keep you informed.


they have 30 days to respond to my questions and to produce documents, like a copy of the warranty. ,)


Mr Yother, I sell the Master Spas in another state and have for over 10 years. I have sold 7 other brands over the past 30 years.

In the Master Swim Spas you get an upgraded filter. You don't have to use any POOL Chemicals and the ECO PUR filter system Master uses much less SPA chemicals over the average spa. It really is a great system. If you call the Master Customer service line at (800)860-****.

The Master Spas customer service people are great to work with. They will help you find a closer service company. What city do you live in? The Master Spas are easy to work on if it needed.

They use high end parts that can be bought at any local spa or pool service company. If you bought the swim spa for under $45,000 you got a good deal on it. You obviously bought the swim spa for certain reasons. You should get it installed and use it, you'll love it.

In Michigan, many customers use them all year long.

Also travel fees or trip charges are common in the spa industry. The good thing about Master is they quickly pay dealers back for service and they do care about making their customers happy with their spas.


I live in Hot Springs Arkansas. The Fort Smith was the closest place and with the travel cost was $3 to $5 a mile, I can not afford the expense to fix the pool each time it breaks down.

Worst case: 300 miles round trip times $5 equals $1500 to pay for travel, which would stop me from buying a pool that is not locally supported. The local dealer quit selling Master Spa,Inc., at least a year ago, pools because of the distance that Master Spa, Inc wanted him to travel.

He said to me that if he was still in business, he would not charge a travel expense. :sigh

@Alvino Jrg

As far as providing only the facts Mr. Yother it appears as if you left out a few EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ONES!!






This type of threatening comment from "Anonymous"? Really? P-L-E-A-S-E pass this along to anyone considering buying a spa.

You have got to be kidding - people buy this *** from these clowns? Pathetic. How do you guys sleep at night?


I have to jump in here.... 25 years in the spa service business " and warranty for Master Spas" and have YET to find ANY spa product like a "filter" that does NOT require adding "pool chemicals".

Lets be sure everyone understands, POOL CHEMICALS include those needed to maintain proper chemistry AND those required to keep bacteria from getting a foot hold. FILTERS DO NOT affect changes to water chemistry, EVER. Filters CANNOT stop bacteria from growing in your pool or spa! the eco-pure branded filter (which is nothing more than a copper and silver imbedded filter) is no different then any of the other copper/silver ion based products like "The Frog", Nature 2...

they all do the same thing, but both of THOSE products clearly state that you have to maintain 1ppm of Chlorine... WHY? because without it they are not effective... The manufacturer of Nature 2 was banned from selling their product in the state of CA for nearly 4 years until they changed the verbiage in their product advertising to include the 1ppm minimum of chlorine, because without it, consumers were getting sick from NO EFFECTIVE SANITIZER PRESENT in the water.

So stop believing the BS... throw out the eco-pure, get a normal everyday filter and start sanitizing the water the only way that really works... either Bromine or Chlorine are the only recognized sanitizers that any water health agency allows for public use pools and spas... Why?

because the smoke and mirrors products fail to meet the minimum standards for sanitizing. Why should your private pool or spa be any less safe than the public ones? And for the original poster...

I'd like to see how it all comes out in the end... I hope your focus to effectively illuminate the spa industry BS for what it really is...


Bravo.... here you can read "the voice of reason". Totally agree.

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Master Spas's reply to: False Advertising-warranty not as promised etc.

Thank you for making us aware of this situation. Master Spas is proud to have an A+ BBB Rating and strive to make every Master Spa owner satisfied. It looks like you purchased through a local dealer, as Master Spas does not sell factory direct. We will reach out to your local dealer to discuss these issues with them but also feel free to contact us at 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com.
Chalmer Oas
map-marker Spartanburg, South Carolina

False Advertising-warranty not as promised etc.

Went to the "Spa Show" put on by Master Spas. We have a vacation rental house in mountains.

Salesman, "Buddy" said repeatedly that the EcoPur filter need NO MAINTENANCE. Just add 1 TB shock when you start and then 1 Tb. about once a month. No test strips, no other chemicals etc.

Told us the there was a 3-year warranty on mechanicals - pump, motor etc. He was a slick salesman & I made the huge mistake of believing what he said, not reading the fine print. There is 1 year warranty on mechanical- not 3 yrs. Called David's Home Entertainment in Waynesville, NC after reading materials that came with spa.

Chris was very apologetic & said Buddy "should not have told you that - all spas need chemicals & testing." Chris said he would send me some chemicals & a replacement filter. Nice but certainly doesn't make up for 2 years warranty.

Two days later & I haven't called him back to complain about warranty yet-won't do any good.

Reason of review:
Warranty issue

Master Spas's reply to: Bait & Switch

Thank you for the post. We’d like the opportunity to get more information from you on who the dealer was that you visited. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com. We strive to make sure our dealers are providing the best possible service to potential customers and Master Spa owners alike and we would value your feedback. thank you
Jonita Gnz
map-marker Bakersfield, California

Bait & Switch

I would have purchased a spa yesterday from Ron at the Bakersfield Spa, Pool & BBQ show, except for ONE thing!When I asked about 12 months same as cash financing, as that is what was being advertised, he replied that they add 8% to the purchase price to cover their cost to finance 12 months same as cash. Right there it told me I was NOT dealing with a reputable saleperson or company.

It's not only false advertising, it's the classic 'bait & switch'. You can't have 12 months same as cash financing if you charge interest and tack it onto the purchase price!

Reason of review:
Bad quality

That was actually the only honest salesperson you've met....if you think no interest no payments same as cash isn't added to all retail pricing go to your bank and tell them you want the free money!!!


My wife and I went to a show and was quickly suspect as the sales people were extremely pushy. Each model we looked at was " we only have one left." Plus couldn't get a straight answer on warranties on the unit.

Just felt very sleazy and *** Plus, all the models had "sold" signs on them but insisted that my whole family climb in and out of several even without my wife and daughter removing boots with heels. If it was my spa I would not want joe public climbing in and out of a spa i just purchased without asking them to remove shoes. Thank goodness we went on our phones and read a little more about the company and decided to hold off. Do more research and yes, if need be, spend a little more on a local dealer we can walk into the store and get service!

Thanks for all the helpful reviews.

FYI, we really did like the looks of some of the spa's.


I have a feeling I know who the salesman was, and unfortunately for you he is one of the most honest guys you could ask to deal with in the hot tub industry. Unfortunately, what was stated in the other comment is very true.

Oftentimes, that same as cash deal that sounds great to you, also costs money to the dealer, which is why paying for things in full with cash or checks equates to you getting the best deal.

I wonder if you know that using your credit cards also costs the merchant money??? Nothing about what you said has anything to do with bait and switch...


Sounds Like Ron was just being honest with you and giving you choice. When I bought furniture last month the saleswoman told me that 12 months same as cash cost them 10% so she said you could buy the set for $2000 and get 12 mo sac or pay cash and get it for $ 1800...Makes sense to me and I thanked her for the choice.

I bought a boat at the boat show 2 years ago and not only saved $5000 on the floor model, they gave me almost the same option...24 mos sac or 15% more off for cash. I took the cash offer, banks make enough money off of all of us...

It's not false advertising or bait n' switch...just choice.


Dayna Titus is a cheater and a Liar! Dayna Titus goes around spreading lies about herself and lies about people she is jealous of.

She is so phony she looks deformed! Dayna Titus's nose is deformed by having a bad nose job years ago, it was HUGE and now is still big but also lumpy. Her chest is uneven and makes her body look deformed and bizarre from having breast implants so many times. This women is a total drunk and is delusional about her own self image.


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Master Spas's reply to: Ms Pissed Off

Thank you for your post but we're sorry to hear of your situation. Master Spas, Inc. does not sell to the public but manufactures several award winning brands that are sold through independently owned specialty retailers around the world. We hope your situation has been resolved with your dealer and please let us know if we can be of help at 800-860-7727 or customercare@masterspas.com
map-marker San Francisco, California

Ms Pissed Off

I bought a spa from the Travelling Spa, Pool & BBQ Show. They will scam u on the paperwork if you don't read the fine lines.

The salesman quoted a monthly payment I would be comfortable with just so they can make a sale & then ask you to sign document & initial several places. Once you buy you are STUCK. There is no one to refer back to if you have further questions. What really pissed me off was the fact that the bank they do business with (GE Capital) will put it on a credit card without telling you.

The salesman will not point this out to you. It is stated on the paperwork so read everything & be careful. My payment turned out to be much higher than what I told them I could afford on a monthly basis. I would not have bought the spa if they were going to jack me on the price.

In that sense the salesmen are scammers. The equipment is as is so be very careful & inspect everything. Never got a loan where the bank puts it on a credit card & then charge you a first time user fee even though you did not ask for credit card.


Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Mr. Anonymous-For future purchase everyone knows that you can go online to bankrate or other site and input interest rate, amount owed and months to pay back and get a monthly payment.

I have financed on GE Capital and they give you a credit card so if you pay off your purchase, you don't have to apply for another loan, you have an open balance to buy. They didn't charge me additional fees, but ever state law may be different.You say you got jacked on price, but you only payed $6000 for a Master Spa???

I sell Master Spas as well as others and they usually start at $8000 and go up to $ 19,000. So it sounds like you got a good deal.

Did you buy it from Master Spas or a dealer?

Where do you live? Where did you buy the spa?

Call the factory at 800-860-**** if you ever need anything.

They are easy to work with and they have an A+ rating with the BBB.


But now this person has a credit card that he/she didn't ask for and if the card isn't used their credit score will be affected in a negative way. It's just nice to know up front.

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