Master Spas's reply to: Great disposable spa until warranty is done

Hi Randy. We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these delays, however it’s up to the dealer to make sure they have the correct parts in stock. The typical turnaround time to receive parts is one week, so if it’s taking longer than that it’s most likely due to delay’s on your dealer’s end. We appreciate the feedback.
Randy D Hai

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Great disposable spa until warranty is done

Master Spas Twilight 7.2 ....Great tub and well insulated for canadian far north winters, however if you need parts you can look at a 4 week wait and if you're fortunate enough that the time of year is right it won't freeze into a block of ice. I can imagine that thats the best thing a company can do for repeat sales.

It was a significant purchase at the time and since the model hasn't changed much I would have expected more onhand parts...especially the yearly maintenance items... uv and ozone that the manual says to change.

Company would not order until the parts were paid in full and waited a week to order. Stuck dealing with Krevco Lifestyles because of that.

Randy Dawson

Manitoba, Canada

  • Great therapy
  • Quality
  • Delivery and customer service
  • Reliability and delivery
  • Support
Reason of review:
Order processing issue

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Master Spas's reply to: Master Spas - Hot Tub Installation Review

Hi Patrick. We appreciate you reaching out to us, however we only manufacture the hot tubs sold to you by your dealer. If you have an issue with anything regarding the sales or installation that needs to be handled with the company who sold you the hot tub. We are a completely separate company, so when it comes to situations like this one there really isn’t much we can do. Again, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had a positive experience. Although there isn’t much we can do, we will be reaching out to your dealer and letting them know about your feedback in hopes that they will be able to properly resolve these issues for you. Thank you.
Patrick L Xur

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website.

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Master Spas - Hot Tub Installation Review

Hello-I just had a Twilight Series 7.25 delivered. Not wired up and filled yet.

This is a review of the Masterspa Minneapolis sales tactics. Specifically Brett-Sales Mgr.

Installers had to be delayed because of a diesel truck that was errantly filled with regular gas causing them $1000. They made me know this.

When installers showed up I helped them remove the old tub. Then before they were going to put in the new tub I needed to pay $300. And I should speak with Brett-salesman.

I got ahold of Brett on his cell phone and he immediately yelled at my wife and I over the phone accusing us of being “Liars”. And I need to pay $300. I said “Brett-what are you upset about”. He yelled back saying “this was supposed to be an easy install”. I said Brett-it’s exactly as we said. “He said no-you lied to me, why would you do that!” This was getting strange as I asked again “Brett-what are you upset about”. He yelled “you never told me the condition of the tub being removed”. My wife and I both said at same time “you never asked” only what brand “Vitaspa”. How old “15years”.

He then said I should be a “Gentleman” and pay $300. Told him forget it. This is terrible customer service!

The install team did say they laid into him for now getting the $300 haul fee at time of sale.

We feel like he was trying to make his problem with the install team our problem!

I now hope this tub works! Which we are now worried about that with the way he was acting toward us.

We couldn’t believe the high pressure tactics to get another $300!

Terrible customer experience so far! I have wrote Masterspa Customer Service and created a case about this.

I will update this review when we get the tub up and running.

  • Idea of the product
  • Rude customer service
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Personal apology and assurance we will be taken care of going forward with our high pressure sales tactics. Example-being called Liars!

Master Spas's reply to: Unbelievable Frustration and Non-communication

Hi Kodi. Thanks for reaching out, we're sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with your experiences so far. I talked to our Customer Service Supervisor about this situation and he did inform me that he has talked to Aqua Spas and that they have been working to resolve these issues for you. If your swim spa has not already been repaired, it should be soon. Thank you again for the honest feedback, we appreciate it.
Kodi S

Unbelievable Frustration and Non-communication

Master Spas - Unbelievable Frustration and Non-communication
Master Spas - Unbelievable Frustration and Non-communication
Master Spas - Unbelievable Frustration and Non-communication
Master Spas - Unbelievable Frustration and Non-communication

My name is Kodi ****** and in April of 2019 I received a Michael Phelps Master Spas from Aqua Spas. Having been excited to finally receive my swim spa, I was disappointed to discover several issues from the beginning.

I am only posting this out of complete and utter frustration and want to warn everyone about the way I have been made to feel like a nuisance/inconvenience rather than a customer with issues needing resolved.

It should have been red flag that something that required at least a team of two men to deliver ended up with only one. Once our pool/spa had completely filled, I was surprised to discover that one of the jets was detached and floating around on the spa side. It was later explained to me the jets were removable, something that should have been explained during installation. I would like to say that my experience with Aqua Spas and Master Spas has improved since then, but it has only deteriorated further.

After numerous calls regarding missing speakers, to needing the Bluetooth receiver as well as a control panel replaced (many times with the technicians arriving without the proper replacement parts for my particular spa!), it was finally in working order, only for the exterior to start completely falling apart.

Within the first three months, the soft tread padding that was installed on the pool side has started to curl up, and all the panels on the exterior have begun to warp and bow. Because the exterior panels are still warping after being replaced, moisture has managed to get into the interior cabinet, and I believe that that is why the control panel on the hot tub side is currently not working!

I have been informed that Master Spas has repeatedly sent the wrong parts needed to repair my swim spa, which has equated to several weeks--adding up to MONTHS--worth of delays. If that wasn’t enough, the communication breakdown on the part of Aqua Spas has been worse than anything I have ever experienced, and I have Comcast. I was informed after my initial three months was up that I would need to pay for service calls; having had previous experience with the communication issue, I was reluctant to pay, however I did so in order to get the issue resolved quickly.

To the credit of the customer service department, I have not paid for a service call since, being that there has been mistake after mistake on their behalf.

I have been dealing with these issues literally since it’s delivery in April of this year. Today, October 28, 2019, there are at least three panels already bowing out and the control panel for the hot tub has malfunctioned so I can’t even set the filtration cycle to clean it.

To have an item this costly, have this many issues and looking this awful, in our yard, is simply unacceptable. I have had numerous friends and associates inquire about and express interest in a spa pool like ours, however after the experiences to date and the huge number of problems we have had, I could not imagine recommending to anyone that they buy a Master Spa product, Michael Phelps Swim Spa, or anything else, from Aqua Spas.

At this point I feel VERY strongly that the only thing of interest to Aqua Spas was making the sale, and nothing else. Nothing this company has done since has led me to believe that keeping a happy, satisfied customer, who will speak well of your company, continue doing business with you, and recommend your products and services to friends and associates, is anywhere among their priorities.

I’d like to be persuaded that I am wrong.

At this point, however, mere words will do nothing to accomplish this, only actions.

I sent all of the above in an email to the customer service department of Aqua Spas and Master Spas over two weeks ago and received nothing in response, which only further solidifies my low opinion of both. At this point I am so completely fed up that I just want the swim spa removed from my yard and my money refunded.

TLDR: If you want anxiety, a whole lot of headaches and zero communication from anyone in the organization, by all means, give these people your money.

  • I like the benefits of the infinite current
  • Quality
  • Horrible communication
  • Lack of service
Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: I have honestly seen the benefits of having this swim spa in my life, but the terrible experience has me wanting someone to just come pick it up and give me my money back. What do you propose we do to fix it?!

Master Spas's reply to: Very disappointed

Hi Jason. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed with your experience so far. I checked the status of your spa, and it’s finishing production this week and will be shipped out to your dealer early next week for delivery. Thank you for the honest feedback – we appreciate it.
Jason F Dou

Very disappointed

Master Spas - Very disappointed

We bought a spa at a hot tub blowout show. Afterwards went to the vendors show and changed our mind to get a custom ordered spa.

Told it would take 6-8 weeks. About a week later received phone call from delivery people that they would be there that afternoon. We were unprepared at that point for the spa and asked for a week to have the pad poured. Spa is delivered and it won't even turn on.

Call sland service personnel comes out. He has never seen such a mess. Panel doesn't even belong to master spa. After a week of contacting vendor and factory they assure us one has been ordered and is being made as we speak.

That was a month ago. Cant get a straight answer now.

  • Poor service
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

Master Spas's reply to: DO NOT BUY FROM MASTER SPAS

Hi Carlos. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been unhappy with your experience so far. While we understand your frustration, we also know that two of your complaints (rusting components & the deteriorating sticker) are typically only seen when there is some sort of chemical imbalance or chemical abuse which is why we advised you to check your chemical balance upon hearing the issues with your swim spa. We would also advise referring to page 30 of your owner’s manual for the proper care techniques and maintenance procedures for the stainless steel components in your swim spa. As for the faulty diverters, our supplier for those parts issued a recall on them and as soon as we were notified we offered free replacements to our customers that were affected. Our customer care team will be reaching out to your dealer soon so they can follow-up on these issues with you. We’ll also be sending you a replacement floor sticker. Should you need further assistance please reach out to your dealer, Aqua Spas, or call our corporate Customer Care team at (800) 860-7727.
Carlos R Ngk
map-marker Fort Collins, Colorado


Updated by user Nov 20, 2019

UPDATE: No one, the company or Aqua Spas has contacted me except the response from Master Spas on this page that was total BS. The Spa is chemically balanced as I test and modify at least twice a week.

I do not believe Master Spas uses the best quality materials and I stand by it. Also, they sent me the stickers that floated off, I guess they expect I will be putting them on when I drain the spa to change it for a new one?

Consumers, read the reviews and don't be fooled. There are other companies like Thermospas & ATV Swim Spas that have better reviews.

Updated by user Oct 23, 2019

MASTER SPAS,That is not true.... unless the strips are defective too....

I just uploaded a photo of the test strip that I took this morning showing how my hot tub is balanced chemically.I do not believe anyone will be in touch with me because I do not believe you.

And I referred to every page of the manual several times but did not expect the spa to be so low quality.And sir, I am not the only one. Read the reviews here:, on yelp and on the BBB.Yes, some of them talk about Aqua Spas, but a lot talk about the quality of your product.And I am posting this response as an edit to my original so that it's not A PRIVATE RESPONSE.

Original review Oct 21, 2019

Well, we bought the spa... they installed it and left.

No instructions, no waiting to have the water tanker fill it up and test it... just dropped it off and left.

It hasn't been a year since we installed it and the spa is falling apart. The screws and metal parts RUST? How is it that they put metal parts that rust in a Swimming Spa?

When I told my distributor, Aqua Spas, they said they'd look into it... I received an email from them forwarding an email from Master Spas saying to just clean it up. "Grab a towel with fresh water and clean the rust off"... The rust is not going away....

Then, the stickers at the bottom of the spa that help a swimmer stay on center, popped off.

When I told them about that they said... "Oh, the water has too much Chlorine"... problem is, NO IT DOESN'T. At least not by the measure of the testing strips they have us use.

I've had to replace two diverters already because when you turn on the jets, their quality is so bad, they break, shooting them up many feet in the air.

If someone would have been close to the explosion, we would be suing for sure.

When I brought up my complaints all I got was "clean it with a rag, there's nothing else we can do for you".

Not even a year old.

So, there it is. If you buy something from them and have this same experience, don't say you weren't warned.

  • Quality
  • Customer service
Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Master Spas's reply to: Not as advertised

Hi Francine. We’re very sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed by your experiences so far. A member of our customer care team here at Master Spas headquarters will be in touch with you soon to answer any questions you may have about your new hot tub. Thank you for the honest feedback.
Francine p Nuh

Not as advertised