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Customer service is a joke

Hi Gabriel. Thank you for reaching out – it is our understanding that our team has been working with you and has been able to resolve this issue for you. We appreciate your honest feedback, and we trust that you are now enjoying your Master Spa.
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Master Spas Hot Tub Installation

I needed my filter housing replaced they sent a guy to fixe it after 1 month of waiting he drill through the new fliter housing, his fix is to use some kind of puddy to sot the leak and now 3 ?onths later it is still leaking!! DO NOT BUY A MASTER SPA

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Worst customer service, response, delivery and the spa still

Hi Shona and Albert. We’re so sorry to hear that you feel this way. After looking through our database, we weren’t able to find the spa’s registration based on the contact info provided with your review. Based on your phone number’s area code, we’re assuming it’s Master Pool & Spa. Our corporate customer care team is in contact with them and will be discussing what we can do to get someone out there and fix your tub. We thank you for your honest feedback, and for your patience as we work to get these issues resolved for you.
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Master Spas H2x Trainer 15 Deep Hot Tub

I cant tell you how bad this experience has been purchasing this spa,it still doesn't work. Nobody has come to fix it despite Numerous calls to the service department,managers,they want me to take down my BBB complaint but have not resolved that it isn't working.NEVER ever use this company,EVER,worst service I've ever experienced,just read for yourself the numerous bad reviews this 'company' has-they should be put out of business-im sure they'll go bankrupt,and we're stuck with this piece of *** i feel definitely taken advantage of!!!

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We got a LEMON hot tub

Hi Chris! We’re so sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. Your feedback has been forwarded to our corporate customer care team, and they have been working with your dealer to discuss how we can resolve this for you. We understand your frustration, and would appreciate your patience as we work to find a solution to the breaker tripping issue. Thank you for your honest feedback – we appreciate it.
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Poor customer service
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Full refund
Update by user Nov 07, 2018

A Masterspa technician came out and replaced hot tub components again. after they were done I refilled the hot tub and brought up temp.

I let it run at 103 degrees for a week with NO PROBLEMS. I again tried turning the temp down to 90 degrees and when it ran its first filter cycle after it tripped again. this was about 30 minutes after turning the temp down. I called the service department again and was told they would have to contact the factory and get back to me .

This has been about 4 weeks now.

I have left 2 messages and still have to been called back. I am really tired of this not being taken care of....

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2018

In June of 2017 we went to the big Masterspa blowout sale at the Wisconsin state fair park. We bought a Brand New hot tub.

We were asked if we wanted a floor model and said NO. Two weeks later when the tub was delivered they brought a floor model. Turns out that the salesman wrote it up as a floor model even after we said NO to a floor model. We have had problems with this Floor model tub since we got it.

When we turn the temperature down below 95 degrees it trips the breaker, Not right away but I think it is tripping when it runs the filter cycle. If we leave the temperature up above 95 degrees it never has a problem. Masterspa of Wisconsin has been out at least 20 times and have replaced about every part they can think of. They then told me it had to be my breaker.

We tried a new breaker at the cost of $200 and still had the same problem. They then said to install a grounding rod. We did that and still have the same problem. They said maybe it was my wiring so I had that checked out and that was all fine.

Now they are back on the breaker again. I was even told by one of there service guys that maybe I should replace my whole breaker box. That seems a bit absurd! If it was a problem with the wiring or the breaker it would happen all the time not just when the temperature is turned down.

I have spent more time making calls, leaving work , and stressing about this tub that it this point I just think I want my money back. This tub is a Lemon and not worth the time and stress it had caused me

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Great hot tub!

Hi Dave. First off, let me just say that we’re so glad that you enjoy your Master Spa, and we’re pleased to hear that your dealings with our customer service team have been positive. Regarding the shipping costs, our warranty is clear that we don’t cover those costs. We hope you will enjoy your new spa and get years of enjoyment out of it. Thank you for your honest feedback – we appreciate it!
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Master Spas - Great hot tub!

Have a master spa and love it! It’s been 3 years and haven’t had a single problem!

Till now . The clear was peeling and I called them. Customer service has always been great and they agreed to replace the tub with a new one . The warranty is the only issue I have.

The product was addmitted to being faulty but the still want me to pay around 800 for shipping!

I don’t think a costumer should be responsible for a defect! Other than that the tub has been great .

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Worst purchase I've ever made

Hi there! We’re so sorry to hear that you are having issues with your spa. Looking back through our email and call records, we don’t see that we had any previous contact with you – so you were most likely talking to your dealer, and unfortunately with contact information we were given we weren’t able to find any registration information for your spa. However, we do still want to make sure you’re able to fully enjoy your spa, so we are going to be having one of our corporate customer care representatives reach out to you to see how we can help. Thank for the honest feedback – we appreciate it!
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I've spent the past few days worried and searching for answers. I've spent over a $1000 on an electrician for this company to continue to ignore my issues..

I called and was brought to tears by a staff member who was so rude and talked down to me and left me so hysterical that my husband had to call and try to resolve the issue.the terminal block on my masterboard is faulty. I know this because i have called out two different companies to check out why it won't work. Your company says its the wiring... i assure you it's not.

All i want is answers and help. I went with this company because it was American made and known for its customer service i don't know who to contact or what to do.

I just bought my tub one week ago and I'm getting told you guys can't help me. Can someone please make this right

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Resolved: Love my Spa - hate customer service

Hi Gretchen. First off, we’re so happy to hear that you love your spa! However, after checking our database, we show no record of you contacting our corporate customer service department. We have Master Spas dealers located all over the country, as well as internationally, and we do have some in your area. We want to make sure that the issues with your spa get resolved so you can get back to enjoying it to its fullest extent, so one of our corporate customer care representative will be in contact with you shortly to see what we can do to help you. Thanks so much for the feedback, Gretchen. We appreciate it!
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Master Spas Twilight Series Ts 6.2 Hot Tub
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
Update by user Oct 05, 2018

Finally Masterspas contacted me. The company they use to service their spas contacted Spa Master who simply sent us replacement parts. Master spa authirized the service and we had to pay the trip charge of $125 (which should have been waived since they'd dropped the ball) but my beloved spa is back in working order!

Original review posted by user Sep 05, 2018

1st I want to say how much I LOVE my MasterSpa- I have the Twilight 67.5 and I adore it! It literally is my favorite inanimate object.

The problem? If something goes wrong there is no local presence to have parts or service.

The Warranty does not allow for service to your spa - and the company will send you part and tell you how to replace but does not provide service.

If you complete the repair incorrectly - will they cover issues stemming from this??

Sometimes you have to live and learn. When it is time to replace my beloved Master Spa I will go to a company who will service the thing!!!

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Biggest regret of 2017 - purchasing a Master Spa

Hi again Michelle. Looking further into this situation, we know that Noah has ordered the necessary parts and that someone from PDQ should be reaching out to you soon regarding this situation, with a repair scheduled sometime next week. Please know that we understand your frustration, and are working to make sure you’re taken care of. We appreciate your patience as we work this out.
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Bad quality
Master Spas - Biggest regret of 2017 - purchasing a Master Spa
Update by user Oct 22, 2018

10/22/18 Your response is ridiculous. It's now almost 2 months later and your excuse is "Noah has ordered the part".

Now all jets have shut off. The display shows they are on but nothing is working.

The display also shows it should be heating but it's not. So far no one from PDQ Spa has contacted me.

Update by user Oct 20, 2018

Here's the update: #1 Master Spas has made things pretty complicated for people who buy their spas from dealers. It's impossible to know from the paperwork who is responsible for what and who you should contact.

They really know how to insulate themselves from their dissatisfied customers! #2 Noah B*** did reach out to me. His first suggestion to my low suction was to add more shock. I'm not sure how that will help my nonexistent suction in the filter area but at this point I'll try anything.

We went back and forth with multiple emails and at one point (on 9/7/18) he said he "spoke to PDQ about your issue and we are willing to work with them to change your plumbing configuration". Not hearing anything from him about scheduling I messaged him about it. On 9/17/18 he said that PDQ was in the process of transitioning owners. On 9/21/18 I asked if he had heard anything yet.

On 9/24/18 he responded and said he had not and that he would reach out to them. On 9/26/18 I told Noah we would be entering a warranty issue on the Master Spas website an considering getting an attorney as the next step since their vendor, PDQ Spas was not responding. On 9/27/18 Noah again reiterated that PDQ is changing ownership and he would get back to me. It is not 10/20/18, almost a month later and I still haven't heard back form Noah B***.

I put in a warranty request on the main website on November 12th or 13th and still have not heard anything from Master Spas. I also posted in the BBB and have not heard a response to that post.

Original review posted by user Aug 31, 2018

We’re now on our 8th month of using this spa. I’ve already tried to work with CS months ago (terrible experience) and they had someone local come look at it.

He convinced me the suction should be that low for safety reasons. I put my hand over the filter holes (without the filters) and there is barely any suction. Even though its been professionally cleaned every 3 months and barely used I still have constant murky water. I use the water clarifiers, the enzymes, the *** floats, the stain and scale control, and get the water tested at the local hot tub store twice a week.

NOTHING WORKS! Nothing works because it’s as if there are no filters because there isn’t enough suction! The filters are sprayed twice a week, cleaned twice a month. Nothing helps.

Thousands have of dollars down the drain. Any one that asks I warn them, don’t get a Master Spa!

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Need parts

Hi Terry! We’ll have one of our customer care representatives reach out to you today.
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I need to speak to someone but called off hours. Please call me back.

Thank you,

Terry Zolotoff

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Love my swim spa! Disappointed in Customer Service

Hi Debbie. First off, let me say that we’re so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your interactions with your salesman. Since we are just the manufacturer of the spa we don’t often get to hear about our customer’s experiences with our dealers, so we appreciate the feedback and will be speaking to the retailer you worked with. As far as the safety concern when it comes to the stairs, we do apologize that it wasn’t made clear to you before purchasing that we only offer one height of stairs. Looking at our notes, it appears that one of our corporate customer service representatives tried to offer help and tips on how to make getting in and out of the spa safer and easier for you, but they weren’t options you were willing to consider. As far as the cover, it’s true that it wouldn’t be covered under warranty. The skin that was offered to you is the fabric casing that zips around the base of the cover. From what you’ve stated in your review, it sounds like the skin is what ripped – so this would resolve the issue with your cover. Again, looking in our notes it sounds like you were fine with paying the shipping for the skin as long as it was after June 1st. Please realize that we’re doing everything we can to help you. We gave you options on how to make getting in and out of the swim spa easier and safer and we offered to send you a free replacement cover skin if you paid shipping. Hopefully this helps clear things up, and if you have any more questions please feel free to reach back out to our customer service team. Thanks.
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Master Spas Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Swim spa is great!

Customer service has been a significant issue from day one. Salesman (James) was extremely unprofessional as soon as I paid. He lied about many things and when I called him out on some major things (i.e. there was no “floor model”) a spa had never even had been ordered for me ( imagine how I felt having paid cash and finding out wasn’t even ordered) There were several other untruths that actually affected my safety (regarding the steps and few other things), when I specifically said safety was paramount for me because of a serious health issue.

During the phone call with the Salesman (James) he literally shouted at me! He was not even trying to have a discussion, he was just flat out screaming and yelling at me. I was blown away. I’ve never been treated that poorly.

More recently I called customer service to let them know that the area right under the handle, had a rip in it. Before I could even fully explain, i was told that this was my fault and not covered by warranty. There is only one way to open the swim spa, by pulling up on the handle. The wear/tear is exactly where a reasonable person could see that I did nothing wrong. Sometimes there are defects in items. This should have been covered by warranty. I was told it wouldn’t be, because it was my fault. But offered to send me a new skin (don’t even know what that is) for “free”, but I would have to pay approx $70 for shipping. I can’t afford that, especially when I don’t know what it is. I just want the side of the cover, that has a tear, replaced. That’s a reasonable request as it is in warranty, or so I thought.

This afternoon I noticed that the control panel isn’t working. I’ve done everything that I read about to do, but it didn’t fix it. I left a voicemail about it, since it was after hours, but I’m not looking forward to talking to customer service, because past experience has proved to be rude and unprofessional.

So I’m having a really tough night, because historically customer service with Master Spas has been extremely upsetting.

I truly hope my two issues can be resolved immediately (the control panel) and then the cover, all without incident, so that I can go back to fully enjoying my swim spa.

Our backyard vacation spot

Master Spas - Our backyard vacation spot
We purchased a Therapool D and took delivery two weeks ago. We are extremely happy with our spa. Great way to relax and spend time with family and friends. The exercise equipment came in the mail a couple of days ago but are having a blast just hanging out. Like
View full review

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Master Spas H2x Therapool D Hot Tub
Reason of review
Good quality
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Call disconnected

We’re sorry to hear that your call was disconnected, we will have a representative from our customer care team reach out to you soon. Thanks for letting us know!
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Call disconnected, need to call back

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Purchased and now I Pay over $100 for a filter can't buy it locally has to be from them :( ... won't buy from Master Spa again.

Hi Dolly! We don’t make the filters, nor do we sell them retail outside of direct sales. Any pool or spa that has filters will eventually need to be changed. The inner Eco-Pur filter we do recommend replacing every 6 months, but the outer filter can last up to a year with proper care & cleaning. We apologize for any miscommunications you might’ve faced in the purchasing process. Thank you for your feedback.
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Not as described/ advertised
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Let the company propose a solution

It is very disappointing that I have to pay top dollar for a filter thru Master Spa and cannot purchase it locally. Over a $100.00 for a filter every six months ...

ridiculous!!!!! MASTER SPA I FEEL RIPPED ME OFF AND I WILL LET ANYONE THAT IS THINKING ABOUT GOING TO THEIR EXPO ... NOT TOO!!!! I can't believe what people will do to make a buck.

These people obviously will do anything. We asked about the cost per year and was lied to. PEOPLE PLEASE DO ALL YOUR HOMEWORK ON THIS COMPANY AND THEIR PRODUCT BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING SO YOU DON'T END UP IN MY SHOES.


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Ineffective cover

Hi Beth! We’re so sorry to hear that your experiences so far haven’t been the most positive. I believe at this point one of our reps has contacted you about this situation. Should you need anything in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for the honest feedback – we appreciate it!
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

I purchased a Master Spas hot tub at the hot tub expo in Marlboro, MA. Slick sales techniques.

Troy Burnett makes promises that he conveniently forgets. I was promised a cover that could withstand my 2- 100lb dogs' weight. He told me that was not a problem. Fast forward to delivery- now he has no idea what I'm talking about.

I have a sunken deck and my dogs have constant access. He saw pictures of my deck and of my dogs. We discussed both in depth. Now he says that he meant that if they walked on it once, they wouldn't fall through.

I should apparently tell the dogs not to walk on it. (By the way, the concern is similar for a child) My only option is to purchase another cover from them in which they'll give me a "great deal".

Don't do business with this company!!!

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Contact for Problems

Hi Larry! We’ll have someone from our customer care team reach out to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reaching out about this.
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See text
Preferred solution
Tell me what’s causing the blue flakes?
Master Spas - Contact for Problems

Can’t find anyone at MS to contact to discuss a problem....have had the tub for 3-years with no problems and now I’m getting blue “flakes” in the water that may be glue....never had a water problem and the water tests fine so I’d like to find out if there was some type of blue glue used in the assembly. Filter is also fine.

The flakes, when rubbed together form a “glue” type substance. Tub is an Enterprise series. Picture shows flakes and glue type substance when rubbed together. HELP!!

I have had the water checked constantly and everything is fine. This just started after I did a new fill of the tub.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There is not “problem” contact number for MS, only Parts.


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Service tech

Thanks for letting us know, Jonathan! One of our customer care reps will be reaching out to you shortly to help.
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can not get out of economy mode

it does not switch out of this mode

so I went to use my master spa Portsmouth after the winter and I cant get it out of economy mode The display does not respond to pushing the arrows up or down . Nothing on the the display responds

it stuck at 80 degrees and still runs pumps for filtering

this was bought in 2006

wondering if you have any advice or recommend a service tech in the area? Thanks for your help in advance

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