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Hi Brent. Thank you for reaching out; we appreciate the feedback. We're sorry to hear about your disappointment in SNAPP. The app has been discontinued and we no longer advertise it or promote it. We're also very sorry to hear that you've faced issues when trying to get your swim spa serviced. Our corporate customer service team is reaching out to both you and your retailer so we can get this taken care of and get you and your family back to enjoying your swim spa ASAP. Again, we apologize for the delays and we hope to get this resolved for you soon. Thank you.
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I purchased a MasterSpas Michael Phelps (MP) Swim Spa in 2018 to help recover from back surgery. Unfortunately, I have spent more time trying to get it fixed than swimming in the unit.

Heres a brief history, hoping it may help you improve customer service to future buyers:

Swim Number Application One of the selling points of the MP Swim Spa is the Swim Number Application (SNAPP), which allows users to customize program workouts. After purchasing my spa, which I did in reliance upon the SNAPP technology displayed throughout MasterSpas brochures, I discovered that the SNAPP software had not been updated for years and was not available for tablets using newer operating systems. I waited nearly six-months for Balboa to update the software to enable SNAPP use on the Ipad I purchased specifically for the unit. I would encourage MasterSpas to continue to update this technology or eliminate further mention in your sales brochures.

Faulty heat pump and internal leaks Im happy to report the heat pump was replaced, although the leaks seem to be ongoing and MasterSpas initially provided me with a service company that was no longer in business.

July 18, 2020: the day my hot tub and swim spa sections failed.

For nearly 9 months, I have been unable to use the swim spa due to ongoing issues with the heat/jets on the hot tub side and the propulsion system on the swim spa side. The company that sold me the spa (name omitted) insisted they would service the unit and have been out to my house no less than 15 times to repair. Their most recent visit established heat to the hot tub side, but it is now limited to 99 degrees, whereas the swim spa side can heat to 104 degrees. My recollection is that the heat used to be higher on the hot tub side.

Needless to say, the swim spa is still not operating and I have lost all confidence that the unit can be fixed.

So, where am I? I have contacted MasterSpas countless times to explain my situation and the ongoing struggles with my service provider with hopes of having this resolved soon. I reached-out to your offices because the service provider either forgets to place orders for pars and rarely provides any updates on when repairs can be expected. Your customer service representatives should be able to collaborate how difficult it is to reach persons at my service provider.

I suspect it will be one-year before the unit may be fixed.

Not to get sappy, but this is lost time spent with my family, as Im sure you will agree that hot tubs / swim spas are a good way for family to spend time together during this pandemic. I continue to run my hot tub, as I did during the winter to remove any leaves and keep heat on the swim spa side to prevent the lines from freezing. Although I have not used the swim spa since July 2020, I suspect my warranty did not toll during this period. I will also need to replace the water and filters after 9-months of dormancy.

Ive also noticed that the carpet flowing / grip upgrade, control panel screens, and the head rests are now pealing.

Im hoping to hear from you through this or Better Business Bureau if necessary.

Thanks. Brent

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Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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