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We love to hear that, Ryan! We’re so happy that your communications and interactions with our team members have been such positive ones. Thank you so much for the kind feedback! We appreciate it.
Indianapolis, Indiana

As part of a group project near the end of the semester, my group completed an analysis on Master Spas as a company. As part of the project, we were required to create a supply chain map of how products are manufactured and reach the consumer, including all logistics and transportation networks that the company uses.

Over the course of my academic career, I have taken part in many group project similar to this one. And I can say that Master Spas was one of very few companies that went to extraordinary efforts to help my group and I complete our project. With that, I would like to give a shoutout to their customer service department of their Master Spas Parts division.

I was absolutely amazed with the helpfulness of the website, particularly their 24/7 online chat. As you can probably tell, they will help you with any topic or question that you may bring up. It is my apologies for not remembering specifically who I spoke with, but they assisted me with all of my questions and then redirected me to someone that did for questions they did not know. Absolutely amazing.

Moreover, I would like to give a express my thanks to Justin Ginder, Customer Support Supervisor, and Toby, Freight Expert for Master Spas, who helped answer all of the questions that I had regarding our school project at a critical point in time. The reason I emphasize critical point in time, is that our group got going on the project a little late and needed immediate responses from the Master Spas team in order to meet the required deadline.

Much to our surprise, we received responses to our questions via email within hours of sending them. In all of my experiences throughout school, I have never had a response time as quickly as theirs. On top of that, all of our questions were answered and with in detail, which was very insightful when it came to our project's completion. It was because of them that we sounded like experts on our projects, and did quite well.

It is clear from our group's discussion with Toby and Justin that they cared about the information that we were researching about them and they cared about keeping the reputation of their company intact. And overall, they were great people that wanted to see us succeed. Absolute class at its best.

Although I cannot speak from a customer perspective, I think it is this level of attention to detail, dedication to their company, and compassion for others that separates this company and makes them the kind of company that consumers want to do business with. Not only did our group learn a lot about them as a company in terms of what they do, Like we also learned something even more powerful, which is the importance of taking care of your consumers even if it means giving the extra effort.

I give credit to Master Spas for hiring employees like those in customer service that I spoke to, Justin Ginder, and Toby, because it is making the different in winning customers over.

My group and I would like to thank each of you in all that you contributed to our success again! Like Happy

Reason of review: They took care of me..

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