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San Francisco, California

I purchased a spa at the local fair ground . .

. big mistake - no local dealer!!!! It took nearly 10 weeks - and now I canNOT be hook tub because there are two tags - one that says 110 elec and another that says 240 elec . .

. I called and the not so helpful man at MS says it is 110 . . .

but the electrician is nervous. . . which is it???

Duh? The salesman who PROMISED good service doesn't even return my call . . .

AVOID this company - rotten service . . . .

. Buy from a local dealer who has a commitment to you the customer - and not form these rotten bums.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4687.

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If your electrician can't figure it out.....I would advise getting a new electrician. I do not think I would want to get into a hot tub if the electrician can't figure out if it is 120v or 240v. That said it still does not justify the lack of customer support.

Just a Thought

Greenland, Arkansas, United States #850290

what do you mean the electrician is nervous, LMAO! you need a real electrician.

you can hook it up either way.

but, I would only hook up to 220v. it saves you a lot of time heating and a lot of money every month on the electric bill...