Denver, Colorado

So I know you usually only hear about the bad customers because if your happy your happy . I spent some time reading good and bad reviews.

I told my salesman that if I liked my spa I would spend time and post my opinion good or bad. Here it is , we went to a local spa sale where they had a huge super sale. We were greeted by a sales rep and had a ton of questions being a first time owner. He spent about 2 hours giving us a full demonstration and by then end of it we were satisfied enough to be a master spa owner.

We live in Colorado where it is super cold and the one worry we had was the energy costs, it seems to run about 20 a month and we use our spa daily sometimes twice a day. We are believers. We feel better we sleep better and the quality time we spend together is priceless. If you find yourself in a position to buy a hot tub then a master spa will not disappoint.

Thank you master spas. We are lifetime customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Master Spas Hot Tub.

Reason of review: We love our spa.

Master Spas Pros: Great spa.

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