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Thank you for your post. From the details you provided, it doesn’t sound like you ever contacted the factory. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or if we can be of help. Thank you
Puyallup, Washington

We bought a "new" spa during the Kent, WA show at the Showare Center. The spa was wrapped in shrink wrap so you couldn't visibly see the entire resin surface.

When it was delivered there were (5) deep gouges on the control side. We took pictures and called them. They told is that we bought an "as-is" spa on the floor. They did not disclose the damage at the show, but concealled it with the shrink wrap.

They will not let you talk to anyone in management when you call their business.

There is no customer service once they get your money!!! BEWARE!!!

Review about: Master Spas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Macomb, Michigan, United States #668437

I was interested in the swim spa, and even after some negative feedback I may have still considered doing business with them, if they handled it more professionally. Insulting unsatisfied customers on a public forum.

What a shame these sales/dealers/customer service folks have got to pull it together. To the powers that be, the time,effort, and cost to clean up the front lines will pay back ten fold.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #605704

To keep people updated about the Master Spa Swimspa.

The filter jet is still broken, because I will not pay traveling milage of up to $1500 to replace it.

I have not heard from them in the past three weeks after I told them to come pick the swimspa and return my money.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #589666

I have tried to work with Master Spa and BBq show - Kevin and now Ross Ericson. Here is the email message from Ross:

Date : Jan 03 2013 11:29:23 AM

From : MASTER POOL S (19524761153)

To : Harlan Yother

"Good morning Harlan, my name is Ross Ericson. I'm the owner of Master Pool and spa. I understand. We have some issues with the swim spa that you purchased from us when you call me back. I'm gonna give you my personal cell phone number. Area code 61236937176123693717. Thank you"

--- Brought to you by Vonage ---

I called him and nothing got resolved. The EcoPur filter is not the same one they brought to the table and showed my wife and I. The filter is different than the one that is in the pool. The pool will not use any chemicals because of the EcoPur filter, but when the pool arrived, a box of chemicals came with and to be use with this filter system. :( The warranty to fix the broken water jets requires a preson that will come from Fort Smith Ar, 150 miles away @ $3 to $5 dollars a mile ($900 to $1500 around trip) to replace a water jet. I worry about the next time the pool breaks. I would have never bought this pool if the salemen told me the truth. They said "locally service people would be available and the pool did not need chemicals because of the EcuPur filter. I told Kevin then Ross to pick up the pool and return my 50% of the $30,000. They have not responded and I will never accept a pool that I did not order.


At the Spa, Pool & BBQ Show we pride ourselves on trying to provide the best customer service possible. Any un-resolved issues can be quickly resolved by contacting our Customer Service Division at 952-543-0220.

If you contact us, any customer service or service needs (weather your under warrantee or not) will be handled as quickly as possible.

We are in business to provide a great product, backed by a great warrantee, to help bring relaxation to your life, at a discounted price.

We are hear for you not only during, but after the sale of the unit. Any questions or concerns you have can be addressed by contacting our Customer Service Division.

to The Spa Pool & BBQ show #861741

Horrible grammar for a company representative.


I was mislead by Kevin group at the "Master Spa and BBQ show in Oct 2012. I was shown a h2xforce spa with no black skimmer on the step side.

This one that was delivered had one. They said all hx2force spas are built the same and I sm wrong. Does anyone have a picture of the swim spa without the black skimmer? I was misled too about the chemicals, we ask them over and over agaim if it needed chemicals and they said that the EcoPru filter will handle the chemicals and I would not need to put any in the spa.

What a lie. PS Kevin calls me all the time to get the other 50% of the spa money because I would not accept it until I check it over..

Do not pay or sign the delivery document until you are happy with your spa. It is a mess with Kevin

to Harlan Yother - Hot Springs Ar #654702

Mr. Yother I have worked in the hot tub industry for many years and I have worked with the Master Spa product line for the last 6 years.

They are built the same. You were not mislead. You seem to have an awful lot of time on your hands.

I do not know Kevin, but to me you seem like a pain in the a**. :p

to 12345 Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #655115

You are right, I am retired and I have the time. I put my name on the line, who are you "12345"? :zzz


Please contact Master Spas directly:They can help you !

Customer Service




I too just bought a swim spa from the Spa Pool and BBQ show in Myrtle Beach and asked for a manual and business card, of which they could not provide either. They also said it used no chemicals which was one of reasons I went with Master Spa.

Had no idea there were so many reports to BBB! I had to have concrete slab poured because it would not fit where I had anticipated and am waiting for it to set before I can fill it with water.

They were pretty rough in moving it from their truck to the ground. If I have problems, including customer service, after spending almost $20k, I will be joining in on the class action law suit!!!


We also where lied to by the traveling show. They told us that the spa was chemical free and it's not.

They couldn't even provide a owners manual with the spa. You would think that a company with 22 reports on the bbb would show a little better customer support. Hey are very poor, and back peddle when it comes to problems. I would never buy another spa from them and will make sure that I let everyone in the state of Maine know aot my experance with hem.

Kevin at the spa pool and BBQ show is a crook in my eyes and just another part of the problem. Liers, Liers Liers. Stay away form them, if u don't want any problems.

Again the spa pool and BBQ show are crooks. Watch out for them.

to Tracy Markham #654709

Since you are unable to even spell the work LIAR correctly I don't think you have any business posting on this website. Go get yourself an education.

If you have one you would know that EVERY pool and spa needs to have some chemicals added to it as the water in this country is full of calcium and iron. Most people don't even drink tap water because of this.

Why would you think that water can sit in a heated tub with out need to be treated?

to Tracy Markham Overland Park, Kansas, United States #660863


All hot tubs are brand new, and have the owners manual attached to the panel inside the spa. They do that to prevent any electrical wiring mistakes as it contains a wiring diagram. Also owners Manuals are available, and always have been online at : You do not need to use chemicals such as chlorine, or Bromine and drain and fill your spa every 90 days like other manufactures. You maintain a safe ph range, as you would with any body of water (even a fish tank!) Using the equivalent of baking soda hardly constitutes the presence of chemicals! Sorry you felt you were mislead. Any questions can be directed to master spas customer service, open 7 days a week!

Also Considering the high volume of sales, thousands and thousands a year unfortunately you can not please everyone! Some people have delusional, unreasonable expectations all together! All issues ARE however worked on to resolution immediately! I noticed you counted 22 reports to the BBB??? Where you came up with that is COMPLETELY UNKNOWN AND A DOWNRIGHT LIE! Carry a A- rating with 2 complaints, both of which resolved! I challenge you to please not make slanderous accusations and lie!

Hopefully you have since found resolution and are enjoying your high quality, Consumer Digest #1 rated MASTER SPA! Best Regards! :)