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Hi Michelle! First of all, thank you for the honest feedback – we appreciate hearing from customers about areas we could improve upon. However, upon looking in our database we found no record of contact to our customer service department from you. My guess is that you were in communication with your dealer, Master Pool & Spa. At this point, I believe you’ve been contacted by Noah in our corporate customer care department so could try and obtain more information about this situation. Noah has also reached out to Master Pool & Spa to see what we can do to resolve this situation. We appreciate your patience as we look into this further!
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We’re now on our 8th month of using this spa. I’ve already tried to work with CS months ago (terrible experience) and they had someone local come look at it.

He convinced me the suction should be that low for safety reasons. I put my hand over the filter holes (without the filters) and there is barely any suction. Even though its been professionally cleaned every 3 months and barely used I still have constant murky water. I use the water clarifiers, the enzymes, the *** floats, the stain and scale control, and get the water tested at the local hot tub store twice a week.

NOTHING WORKS! Nothing works because it’s as if there are no filters because there isn’t enough suction! The filters are sprayed twice a week, cleaned twice a month. Nothing helps.

Thousands have of dollars down the drain. Any one that asks I warn them, don’t get a Master Spa!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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