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We live in Colorado where it is super cold and the one worry we had was the energy costs, it seems to run about 20 a month and we use our spa daily sometimes twice a day. We are believers. We feel better we sleep better and the quality time we spend together is priceless. If you find yourself in a position to buy a hot tub then a master spa will not disappoint. Thank you master spas...
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Master Spas Hot Tub
  • Great spa
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We love our spa
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Master Spas is horrible

Thank you for your recent review. We’ve been in touch with the local dealer regarding your swim spa and this situation. Although this is an older model, both Master Spas and the local dealer have qualified technicians as well as access to documents, like the Owners Manual, and parts. We understand the local dealer is in touch with you regarding the issues stated in your review and we look forward to you enjoying your swim spa. If you have further questions please reach out to us at 800-860-7727 or Thank you.
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Master Spas Hot Tub
  • Only nice until paid
  • Misleading information
  • Fraud
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poor customer service, problem with delivery, warranty issue, damaged or defective, Not as described
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Price reduction
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Update by user Sep 02, 2016

No further contact. Preparing legal paperwork.

Update by user Aug 12, 2016

Aqua Spas called me from this post but I was not home and I called them, which was hard, but was only able to leave a message. I hope they will do something to make this right.

I talked to a friend that is a lawyer and he tells me since I recently found out the spa was much older than the year represented and the 2008 spa is completely redesigned (on the inside) from the 2006 it would be reasonable for me to expect considerable damages. I could "go after them" and probably recover damages.

I will update as this proceeds. I have been without use of the swim end of this spa for 23 months SO FAR.

Original review posted by user Aug 03, 2016

I bought an older Master Spas Swim Spa from the local Master Spas Authorized Dealer (Aqua Spas in Greeley, Fort Collins, Colorado). What a mistake.

First they misrepresented the year of the spa. Even on my contract, not just verbally. It was older than they said. There is no way they could not or should not have known, I believe this is fraud.

I found out later when the spa broke and the parts I needed were for a newer redesigned model. From what I can tell the model I bought was only sold for one year and then it was completely redesigned. I wonder if that had something to do with the FRAUD? The spa came with a 90 day warranty and there were some issues which they fixed but the batteries were charging incorrectly before the warranty expired and they never did correct that problem.

When I call they are generally rude and not helpful. Last time I called 3 times and they never called back. I can't stand to call them ever again. The spa has had several new problems since the warranty expired but this authorized dealer has no clue how to fix them.

They sent up a repairman for $150. to tell me it was broken (which I obviously knew) but the repairman admitted they did not have a clue how to fix it. NOT A CLUE. Why are they selling a high maintenance product like a spa if they don't know how to service them?

I contacted Master Spas directly and apparently they have no service manuals or archives for this older spa either. Why would that information not be available to customers. It is hard to believe they would destroy every manual in existence. Getting rid of the evidence I guess?

I can't find a manual online anywhere. It is a 2006 H2X Master Spas Swim Spa. Maybe Michael Phelps can help me? Other misrepresentations were made I can't prove.

The salesman told me my electricity bill would go up about $75 or $80 dollars a month but it went up closer to $275.00. I lowered this considerably by insulating heavily. Still nowhere near $80. dollars a month.

I was promised exercise accessories too but since I did not force them to put it in the contract they denied the agreement. They damaged personal property when they delivered the spa by backing into it and even though I saw them do it they denied that too. I guess I should have called the police when it happened to document that damage.

I think this company should go out of business. If they don't I won't ever believe in Karma.