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Hi Larry! We’ll have someone from our customer care team reach out to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reaching out about this.

Can’t find anyone at MS to contact to discuss a problem....have had the tub for 3-years with no problems and now I’m getting blue “flakes” in the water that may be glue....never had a water problem and the water tests fine so I’d like to find out if there was some type of blue glue used in the assembly. Filter is also fine.

The flakes, when rubbed together form a “glue” type substance. Tub is an Enterprise series. Picture shows flakes and glue type substance when rubbed together. HELP!!

I have had the water checked constantly and everything is fine. This just started after I did a new fill of the tub.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There is not “problem” contact number for MS, only Parts.

Reason of review: See text.

Preferred solution: Tell me what’s causing the blue flakes?.

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