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Hi Carlos. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been unhappy with your experience so far. While we understand your frustration, we also know that two of your complaints (rusting components & the deteriorating sticker) are typically only seen when there is some sort of chemical imbalance or chemical abuse which is why we advised you to check your chemical balance upon hearing the issues with your swim spa. We would also advise referring to page 30 of your owner’s manual for the proper care techniques and maintenance procedures for the stainless steel components in your swim spa. As for the faulty diverters, our supplier for those parts issued a recall on them and as soon as we were notified we offered free replacements to our customers that were affected. Our customer care team will be reaching out to your dealer soon so they can follow-up on these issues with you. We’ll also be sending you a replacement floor sticker. Should you need further assistance please reach out to your dealer, Aqua Spas, or call our corporate Customer Care team at (800) 860-7727.
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Update by user Oct 23

MASTER SPAS,That is not true.... unless the strips are defective too....

I just uploaded a photo of the test strip that I took this morning showing how my hot tub is balanced chemically.I do not believe anyone will be in touch with me because I do not believe you.

And I referred to every page of the manual several times but did not expect the spa to be so low quality.And sir, I am not the only one. Read the reviews here:, on yelp and on the BBB.Yes, some of them talk about Aqua Spas, but a lot talk about the quality of your product.And I am posting this response as an edit to my original so that it's not A PRIVATE RESPONSE.

Original review posted by user Oct 21

Well, we bought the spa... they installed it and left.

No instructions, no waiting to have the water tanker fill it up and test it... just dropped it off and left.

It hasn't been a year since we installed it and the spa is falling apart. The screws and metal parts RUST? How is it that they put metal parts that rust in a Swimming Spa?

When I told my distributor, Aqua Spas, they said they'd look into it... I received an email from them forwarding an email from Master Spas saying to just clean it up. "Grab a towel with fresh water and clean the rust off"... The rust is not going away....

Then, the stickers at the bottom of the spa that help a swimmer stay on center, popped off.

When I told them about that they said... "Oh, the water has too much Chlorine"... problem is, NO IT DOESN'T. At least not by the measure of the testing strips they have us use.

I've had to replace two diverters already because when you turn on the jets, their quality is so bad, they break, shooting them up many feet in the air.

If someone would have been close to the explosion, we would be suing for sure.

When I brought up my complaints all I got was "clean it with a rag, there's nothing else we can do for you".

Not even a year old.

So, there it is. If you buy something from them and have this same experience, don't say you weren't warned.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Master Spas Cons: Customer service, Quality.

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