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Thank you for your posting. We'd love for the opportunity to learn more about your experience. The sales event you describe was not held by the manufacturer, Master Spas, Inc. but by an independently owned dealer however there are a few discrepencies in some of the things you describe. We'd love to get to the bottom of this for you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or Thank you
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Beware of these guys, they are CROOKS. Went to the Orange County event in September 2013 after seeing and hearing mega advertising on tv and radio.

I noticed there was not much inventory for sale (near the end of 2nd day). I was told that they would sell out all their inventory and then take orders for product and deliver after the show (requires a deposit). The slick salesman told me that the spa did not need chemicals because of special filter. I then asked him why I could smell chlorine and he avoided answering.

Dumb me that was my first indication of their fraudulent business practices. The product has an appealing look and the salesmen know how to lie, I mean sell. I was persuaded to make an offer on a larger spa than I originally was looking at due to features and "an exceptional deal." The exceptional deal was due to the fact that the unit had some cosmetic damage to the outside of the tub. (The pricing was good compared to the ridiculous high asking price).

I told the salesman I needed to verify that the spa would physically fit in the location of my existing spa. i made a remark on the contract to that effect. I did notice that the contract stated in several locations that ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The sales guy told me before I signed the contract, no problem if the spa will not fit we will cancel the contract.

GUESS WHAT, after signing the contract and confirming within several hrs that there is no way the spa will fit they refused to refund the deposit. Their action despite the fact that the salesman admitted that they were able to resell the unit AND at a HIGHER price than I agreed to pay. Why would you keep a customer's deposit when you have not lost any money unless you are a crook. They graciously agreed to allow me to purchase any other product with the deposit.

it was at that point I did what i should have done earlier, investigate who was behind BBQ Pool and Spa Show. At the show I was introduced to a "factory representative." i called the factory and was told that this person was not a factory representative and had no connection to the factory. I was also told that the factory had no connection with the BBQ Pool and Spa show, but yet the factory offered to honor my deposit towards a future purchase. These guys (BBQ Pool and Spa) are sleazy and dishonest.

I checked the product and warranty information posted on the manufacturer's web site and found more inaccurate (or should I say outright lies) information made during the sales presentation regarding product warranty. Plain and simple it is fraud. Look at the posting made by the guy who has a valid warranty claim (Spa keeps heating - temp creep). The factory and the seller BBQ Pool and Spa Show both walked away from this problem because it was going to cost them to much to correct.

I am happy that I didnot purchase from these guys.

Robert - HB

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada #798418

No spa can clean with just an ozonator and shock. Forget that filter within a filter too..

just ***. When I asked for some documentation, they referred me to a website that was actually not their own. And, no sales rep would give me his business card. These spas are flimsy, very shallow, poor quality of plastic.

The spa we did purchase is gorgeous and manufactured 20 minutes from my door. We purchased from Coast Spas ....

comparing a lemon to a BMW. Go with quality.