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Hi Jeff. Thank you so much for providing your feedback. While we’re incredibly sorry to hear that your spa, as well as the service you received, didn’t initially meet the standards that we promise - we are happy and relieved to know that Mr. Erickson was able to help get things resolved. We hope that you will be enjoying your spa for many years to come. Again, thank you so much for the feedback! We greatly appreciate it.

I purchased a hot from a hot tub expo in my area.

The Sales guy did had my address wrong on one of the 2 pieces of paper.

Not sure had that happened since he was coping from my drivers lic.

I was told to expect deliver 7 to 10 business days. I got a call the very next day saying the new hot tub would be delivered tomorrow. I wasnt ready to receive the new hot tub. So they guy said he would deliver it on Friday of that same week.

I got a call from the delivery guy saying they would be to my house between 1000 AM and Noon.

I never heard from any one again. No Show no call.

I called the hot tub place, and spoke to someone who said they would look into it and get back to me. Again No call back.

I got a call from the delivery guy on Sunday afternoon, asking when he could deliver my hot tub. I said how about this last Friday, since no one showed up like they were suppose. We settled on him showing up on Tuesday of the coming week.

Next, I was told there would be a $250 charge to pick up my old hot tub. Even though the commercial said free pickup and removal of old hut with purchase of new hot tub.

The guy showed up to remove the old tub, said he couldn't do that. and he had to drop off the new hot tub. I have no place to put the new hot tub because the old was still in its place.

After the tub was placed in my back yard. The delivery guys left.

I did not get a chem kit, the tub looked used, a corner was damaged, and knocked off the tub itself.

The filters were dirty and nasty.

I called into the number given to me, and reached a person name Dallas Erickson. I gave him a full update as to what has going on and happened. I told him I was extremly upset and not satified.

Dallas, was very professional, he listen with empathy, and did not apology, he was understanding and asked me to send him pics of the issues. He told me what he was going to do to fix and regain my trust in his company.

He has been good to his word.

- He sent me a chem kit. like he said he would.

- he sent me 3 new filters.

- has ordered the replacement corner to replace the scratched corner.

- has got my old hot removed and I didn't get charged from the delivery guys like they said I should have.

- Dallas has followed up and even has made sure I have a way to contact him if he is not in the office.

He is going above and beyond to make sure I'm a satisfied customer.

I ahve a son who is pending a new delivery of a hot tub from this company as well. !st sign of trouble I will be giving Dallas's number to him to make sure he doesn't go through what I've been through.

Dallas has re-earned my trust in this company and product. If it weren't for Dallas I would have written the worst review that has ever been written. I just can't now, due to the customer service I've received from Dallas.

Thank you sir for all you have said you would do for me and my family on the new hot tub, and taking such great care to earn our trust back with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Master Spas Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Dallas Erickson Customer relations manager.

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