Midland, Texas

Thanks to all who participated at the spa pool BBQ show. We went to the well advertised event and were amazed by the deals that were offered.

Over 80 spas on display and some were full of water to feel the jets and see all the new features. We bought a twilight spa that retailed for 13,750.00 and after all the rebates and discounts ( military ) we were able to buy the Twilight 8.2 for 8500.00. We chose this hot tub because of the neck and shoulder jets along with the giant foot jets which most of the hot tubs we were looking at did not have. We looked at a jacuzzi for 12k and it had no neck jets or foot jets to speak of, and for a lot more money.

We've had the spa for almost 5 months and we are extremely happy. Thanks to everyone who made this process so easy. The last spa we bought only had driveway delivery.

Your guys made it look easy.

To anyone looking to buy a new spa, the twilight is the one to buy.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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