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Hi again Joe. As we’ve already discussed via email, the company and address listed on your invoice is that of Master Pool & Spa - your retailer. Not us. Again, I understand where the confusion is coming from, as they are similar names - but we also need you to understand that the issues you’re having aren’t with our company, which makes it difficult to resolve these issues. With that being said, our team has been in contact with the people at Master Pool & Spa to see what we can do to get this taken care of for you. We would appreciate your patience while we do so. Thank you.
San Diego, California

Master Spas claims they are not responsible for dishonored promises made by sales staff at show because they are 3rd party vendors yet the invoices the sales staff provide list the same address as Master Spas. Master Spas explained to me that it is the same as Best Buy selling Sony products.

No, it is not, Best Buy doesn't lead their customers into believing they are Sony. At the show, this vendor sold only Masrer Spa products and the address listed on their invoice is that of Master Spas.

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