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Thank you for reaching out to us. In talking with our Customer Care Department, they are aware of the situation you have had with your hot tub. They have also been discussing the situation with the dealer you purchased from. We will be having further discussions with the local dealer and follow up again with you. Thank you for your patience as this situation was just recently brought to our attention. Feel free to reach us directly at 800-860-7727 or customer in the future.
Haughton, Louisiana

This spa was a major purchase for my husband and I. My husband has a bad back and we thought the spa could help.

This spa has not worked more than it has. Its has been a source of great aggravation and disappointment. Customer service from the dealer has been less than help. Finely sent service tech out after several months of their self diagnosis of thing for us to do and telling us we were doing something wrong.

Service tech was to install a new pump today but decided to go against manufacture required filter placement and change filters.

This is going to fix it, no need for new pump. Wonder what Master Spa thinks of this solution.

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