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Hi Jeff. Our warranty does state that travel is not covered by the warranty and service centers are allowed to charge a reasonable travel fee. A member of our customer care team has reached out to you regarding the missing O-ring and the display overlay replacement. Thank you for your honest feedback. We appreciate it.
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· My new tub had a slow leak.

· I called warranty, said there was a $108 “Trip Charge”.

· I called Master spa and asked if this was true, and yes it is, you cover parts and labor while someone is there.

· Your tech told me I should fix it myself, and lube the O-Ring, after I take the sides off.

· He said to use the “Slice” valve so only to lose a little water.

What’s happened:

· Where the fitting was leaking the slice valve didn’t work and dumped 500 gallons into the motor compartment

· After taking the fitting off, there was no “O”-Ring the whole time.

· I bought a $7.00 ring from Leslies pool supply

· Yes, it’s fixed

· The problem is, I would have paid $108 for something that was caused by your manufacturing.


· I notice the plastic cover is coming off the digital display, is that warranty? And $108 ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Master Spas Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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