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Hi Debbie. First off, let me say that we’re so sorry that you didn’t enjoy your interactions with your salesman. Since we are just the manufacturer of the spa we don’t often get to hear about our customer’s experiences with our dealers, so we appreciate the feedback and will be speaking to the retailer you worked with. As far as the safety concern when it comes to the stairs, we do apologize that it wasn’t made clear to you before purchasing that we only offer one height of stairs. Looking at our notes, it appears that one of our corporate customer service representatives tried to offer help and tips on how to make getting in and out of the spa safer and easier for you, but they weren’t options you were willing to consider. As far as the cover, it’s true that it wouldn’t be covered under warranty. The skin that was offered to you is the fabric casing that zips around the base of the cover. From what you’ve stated in your review, it sounds like the skin is what ripped – so this would resolve the issue with your cover. Again, looking in our notes it sounds like you were fine with paying the shipping for the skin as long as it was after June 1st. Please realize that we’re doing everything we can to help you. We gave you options on how to make getting in and out of the swim spa easier and safer and we offered to send you a free replacement cover skin if you paid shipping. Hopefully this helps clear things up, and if you have any more questions please feel free to reach back out to our customer service team. Thanks.

Swim spa is great!

Customer service has been a significant issue from day one. Salesman (James) was extremely unprofessional as soon as I paid. He lied about many things and when I called him out on some major things (i.e. there was no “floor model”) a spa had never even had been ordered for me ( imagine how I felt having paid cash and finding out wasn’t even ordered) There were several other untruths that actually affected my safety (regarding the steps and few other things), when I specifically said safety was paramount for me because of a serious health issue.

During the phone call with the Salesman (James) he literally shouted at me! He was not even trying to have a discussion, he was just flat out screaming and yelling at me. I was blown away. I’ve never been treated that poorly.

More recently I called customer service to let them know that the area right under the handle, had a rip in it. Before I could even fully explain, i was told that this was my fault and not covered by warranty. There is only one way to open the swim spa, by pulling up on the handle. The wear/tear is exactly where a reasonable person could see that I did nothing wrong. Sometimes there are defects in items. This should have been covered by warranty. I was told it wouldn’t be, because it was my fault. But offered to send me a new skin (don’t even know what that is) for “free”, but I would have to pay approx $70 for shipping. I can’t afford that, especially when I don’t know what it is. I just want the side of the cover, that has a tear, replaced. That’s a reasonable request as it is in warranty, or so I thought.

This afternoon I noticed that the control panel isn’t working. I’ve done everything that I read about to do, but it didn’t fix it. I left a voicemail about it, since it was after hours, but I’m not looking forward to talking to customer service, because past experience has proved to be rude and unprofessional.

So I’m having a really tough night, because historically customer service with Master Spas has been extremely upsetting.

I truly hope my two issues can be resolved immediately (the control panel) and then the cover, all without incident, so that I can go back to fully enjoying my swim spa.

Product or Service Mentioned: Master Spas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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