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Thank you for your recent post on Master Spas Opinions. We're sorry to hear of the water chemistry issues you have had. It definitely sounds abnormal as the Twilight Series has a long history of superior filtration and water maintenance. There are many things that can cause water chemistry issues as your describing. One of our Customer Care Professionals will reach out to you to review and discuss the situation. Thank you
West Springfield, Massachusetts

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU MASTER SPA: We have had our Twilight Series spa for just over a year, the spa requires constant maintenance and the maintenance is too expensive, I would not recommend a Master Spa under any condition. If you read the other reviews about low temperature or water not flowing, it is because the filtration system doesn't work.

New filters will clog after 4-6 week and the spa will shut-down, which will require cleaner, however once you soak and clean, they will only last 2-3 DAYS. Have to buy new ones. A filter set is roughly $150. The soaking agent is $15/bottle and you need 2 bottles every time you clean the filters.

After the first 3 months we decided to buy new water and new filters, but with new filters again only lasted 6 weeks before they failed and got no water flow. We have tried everything, from using spa clothes (which is a new term I learned, it is clothes or swimwear for the spa only, you cannot use any kind of soap to clean them), cleaning filters more often, using new filters, using no filters (gross), more chemicals, less chemicals, use spa less (1 or no times a week). Nothing seems to work. Had techs come look at the spa twice, only recommendation was either get new water or new filters and more chemicals.

I will admit at first I wasn’t checking the water every day, now I have become the daily chemical checking expert. In the year we have had the spa we have spent about $1,200 on filters, water and chemicals. I have polled my neighbors and friends to ask them about their spas, not one has had the issues I had. The common response was "never had an issue, never had to change the water and replace the filter once in a while, it never shuts off by itself".

My family loves having a spa...when it works, but it doesn't work more often than it does, so we will be selling this spa and looking to get a better one, or at least one we can enjoy. Again, DO NOT purchase a Twilight Series Master Spa.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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