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Master Spas - Reversal Purchase of the therapool deep H151366

Hi Inka. I believe that most of the points brought up in this review were already addressed by our team last year, but I’d be more than happy to go over them again for you. Regarding the placement of the ozone return, Justin has sent you images previously showing other photos of the exact model you own with the ozone return in the same place as yours. There’s nothing incorrect about its placement - it’s normal. As far as the cover being a different manufacturing year from the swim spa, if the manufacturing years are different it’s most likely due to spas and covers being mismatched in the dealer’s inventory. We know your original dealer went out of business, and we understand how that can be difficult - however we have several other servicers in Germany that would be happy to help you with any issues, as well as our corporate customer service team. Please reach out to them if you are in need of any assistance in the future. Thanks for reaching out.
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Master Spas H2x Therapool D Hot Tub
Master Spas - Reversal Purchase of the therapool deep H151366
Master Spas - Reversal Purchase of the therapool deep H151366
Master Spas - Reversal Purchase of the therapool deep H151366
Master Spas - Reversal Purchase of the therapool deep H151366
Master Spas - Reversal Purchase of the therapool deep H151366

Update by user Aug 07, 2019

I have described many problems to you which you have not answered. My lawyer wrote to and at the same time to 4deluxe.

I don't get an answer! You write that there are service partners for Germany - I would now like to have a German-speaking contact person named, to whom I can turn. I had to have a new heater installed at my own expense, although it is covered by the Master Spas warranty! I need a new cover!

I was assured in writing that I would get 4 new filters and wlan installed. None of it was implemented. Master Spas advertises with free service technicians and good warranty conditions and no promise is kept!

I give Master Spas a deadline until 15.8.2019 to appoint me a German-speaking representative for Master Spas in Germany, with whom I can make an appointment. Inka Cremer

Original review posted by user Jul 08, 2019

Reversal Purchase of the therapool deep H151366

No service in Germany / And MasterSpas does not respond

In December 2016, I bought a therapool deep from the German dealer activespa GmbH Frankfurt (now moved to Hanau) as an exhibit. Since the purchase, there were only problems:

Wrong information about the required power supply, used filters, no German user manual, wrong warranty card (in English instead of German and instead of international buyers the warranty card for US citizens was attached), murky water, because they did not perform shock chlorination and I myself no chlorine should add before the service technician comes after 10 days, etc.

In addition, the service technician had assured me in the sales pitch that Mast3Pur (and many other extras) were installed, Mast3Pur was also the decisive reason for the purchase of this exhibit.

The service technician (who was also manager) made an appointment with me in my garden. However, he came 2 hours early and I could not get away from work. Therefore, I asked him to wait in any case, but he just made a shock chlorination, then the therapool did not start anymore, because he pressed both pumps simultaneously and thus jumped out of the power switch again.

He went home without making the agreed briefing with me. After 2 hours of shock chlorination without circulation with closed cover, I came home, turned on the power and tried to clean the filters with him by mobile phone instructions. He could not clean these before, since there was no water available in my garden alone. First, I ruined a very expensive T-shirt with concentrated chlorine, and found that used filters were installed.

He suggested to send me 4 filters (2xEcoPur and 2x filters) and a Wlan module as "compensation" and I received this announcement in writing. I wrote to him that I also wanted the extras like Mast3Pur etc. to be confirmed in writing. Silence.....

Also in writing I was promised a power consumption of 2100 kWh per year, but due to the high consumption of the first days I was amazed and inquired. The predicted power consumption was suddenly "corrected" to 4500 kWh - I think they wanted to sell me a photovoltaic system, which they sell under the new CEO also under a new company ...!

And regardless, the power consumption was even higher than 4500 kWh within one year!

On day 13 after installation, I wrote to activespa that I demand a full reversal of the purchase, as no service was provided and commitments and repair deadlines were not met.

In the course of further research I found among other things that no Mast3Pur was installed at all and this can not be installed afterwards. That was my reason to buy, because I wanted to use as little chlorine as possible!

I also wrote to Facebook on MasterSpas in Fort Wayne why my ozonator was installed elsewhere (laterally instead of in the middle, as shown in all brochures), but I did not get an explanation, but the opposite, namely that of the prefabricated Shells are always identical.

Why did my therapool have an ozonator elsewhere?

Why was the cover made in 2014, told me during the sales talk, that the therapool would have been produced in 2016 - should not a cover from 2016 be delivered as well? Further research showed: The therapool was already produced in 2015! Incidentally, this is very easy to find even by the starting numbers in the manufacturer number (H151366). However, my dealer said that he could not determine this by the manufacturer number .....

Further losses were incurred in the current legal dispute:

In the beginning the heating always had disturbances, so that the desired temperature always fell and the therapool constantly tried to reach the temperature (increased current consumption with at the same time colder water). The cover was damaged even more during a storm, because the service technician had only screwed the cover in 4 places instead of 12, because he meant that this would be sufficient.

The cover cracked at the screws and the plastic broke.

Since it is not possible to get filters or covers in Germany without a service partner from MasterSpas, I weigh down the cover with heavy stones since then and received advice from the former service technician to buy Ego³ filters. This also remained my only possibility, because I didn't get any help to get the original filter.

In the course of the more than 2 years lasting complaint the service technician/managing director was replaced, I was completely ignored as a customer with arising errors, the enterprise moved other hall. Finally MasterSpas withdrew the permission to sell their products and a company 4deluxe was contracted as sole distributor for the German market.

Now the heating is completely broken! This time even the FI switch jumped out! I had to hire an electrician again who found that the heater was defective. The two-week deadline set by my lawyer to replace the heater with 4deluxe and MasterSpas Fort Wayne was not met by both. Thereupon it was not announced at all.

During the 3 weeks I had to switch on the power switch every day for 1 hour and then take it out again, because the pool wanted to reach the set temperature. At the same time it was no longer possible to lower the temperature. High power consumption until I noticed this because I was away. The pumps simply ran for 24 hours and the neighbours complained about the noises.

Therefore I had to order a new heating on the Internet, which must be connected tonight again by the electrician. Again further costs.

MasterSpas: Finally take a stand, offer the promised service and take back the therapool deep. The financial compensation becomes bigger and bigger the more other parts become defective and have to be replaced.

With your guarantee declarations you promise that all these things will be replaced and installed immediately and free of charge by a service technician!

In no case of warranty have you reacted to the damage or paid compensation.

You have chosen a sales partner who does not know your products and who gave such false information that I bought the therapool under wrong conditions. Now you have separated from this distribution partner, that must have had probably also reasons for you...... My right, however, is to be comprehensively looked after, which did not even happen in the 2.5 years with all the shortcomings.

Pay the money back along with all the other expenses I had.

I have countless photos and videos. What do you need?

Loss of value: 25.000 Euro

Master Spas - Our backyard vacation spot

Master Spas - Our backyard vacation spot
We purchased a Therapool D and took delivery two weeks ago. We are extremely happy with our spa. Great way to relax and spend time with family and friends. The exercise equipment came in the mail a couple of days ago but are having a blast just hanging out. Like
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Master Spas H2x Therapool D Hot Tub
Reason of review
Good quality

Master Spas - Exercise is medicine!

I was a regular jogger my whole adult life until experiencing degenerative spinal disease. I became a devoted walker, but even this activity generated a lot of pain, so I bought a kiddie pool and made up my own exercises and realized I could get some exercise using water therapy without stirring up pain. However, the kiddie pool was very limiting and could only be used in hot months. I have now purchased and have been using a Therapool, and it is awesome! I am writing in January, when even in North Florida, there are many days when the outside temperatures are very cold, but the spa water is easily warmed to a comfortable temperature. Every day, I jog in the deep end, use the row bars, and do exercises and stretches for about 45 minutes. My blood pressure is back down to normal and I take no pain meds now, not even ibuprofen. I have the deep therapy pool, but there are plenty of exercises that can be performed in more shallow water. Further, I don't typically use the many extra jets on this pool. In fact, if all the jets in the deep end are activated, I find the current too powerful for exercise. My husband works all day, so when he comes home, he just wants to sit in front of some jets and soak up the warm water, and he is pretty happy with the Therapool for his use. This spa has six seats with jets, so it is also inviting as a party activity. My granddaughter will love it. This was a major purchase for us, and we don't have much of a yard. Fortunately, we do have a large back porch, and this is where the spa was installed. I love it there because while I am in the spa, I can watch the birds, the wind in the trees, the drifting clouds. The one thing to be prepared for is the massive size of this unit - very tall and bulky. It dominates the porch and took some time getting used to...sort of like parking the Queen Mary in your back yard. Secondly, the spa cover is comprised of two panels which are very heavy, even for two people. You can drag them off, but it is hard to put them back on, especially if you have back or neck issues. Each of the two panels is made of two smaller panels sown together, so we cut the panels apart and now have 4 smaller cover panel sections to remove and replace every day. Even these are not light. I recommend testing your ability to remove and replace the spa covers for any of the therapy or swim spas before purchasing. These spas cost a lot of money, so they have to be right for you. You need the room for installation, you need to be able to deal with the heavy covers, and unless you are used to spending thousands of dollars on items you rarely use, you want to be sure that you will get in it every day or two for exercise or other water therapy, or just to relax, which is another well-known form of medicine. We had a Masterspa hot tub for ten years before this purchase, so we knew that they were high quality. When we traded in our hot tub for this unit, everything on the hot tub still worked: motors, lights, jets, heater. So I was already a fan of Masterspa products. I would recommend the Therapool to anyone who expects to need or would benefit from long term water therapy and exercise.
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Master Spas H2x Therapool D Hot Tub
  • Quiet
  • Great for exercise
  • Exercise equipment
  • Need drain installed rather than sump pump
  • More affordable if smaller - but still deep - with fewer jets
  • Very heavy covers
Reason of review
Enjoying my Therapool and so I am leaving a review

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