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Master Spas - Spa and Outdoor Patio Show Alameda Fairgrounds

Thank you for your posting. As a manufacturer of award winning hot tubs and swim spas, we appreciate any feedback we can get from our valued customers or potential customers. Master Spas, Inc. understans that a potential customers first experience isnt really with our product but with the dealer they are interacting with and we want to make that as good of an experience as possible and we'll be reaching out to the dealer that you visited and had this experience with. We hope you have since found a hot tub that suits your needs. Thank you
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Master Spas Hot Tub
Reason of review
Bad quality

I kept hearing the ads on the radio for the spa sale at Pleasanton Fairgrounds, so I drove 50 miles since I've wanted to buy a hot tub for months. Got there and about 15 hot tubs on the ground (never saw anything approaching a patio or any other decorations ).

12 of the hot tubs were marked as sold, but no problem I would still have a chance to ask about the product. No price lists, no pamphlets no info with the displays at all. The sales people were busy so I looked aroud for 15-20 minutes until a sales person became available. I made sure he wasn't working with a customer or enroute to one and I flagged him down.

I asked if he could answer some questions about the products he told me quote "look at our website it has a lot of information on it". He then went over to assist a couple that had just walked in. Really, I just drove 50 miles to be refered to a website.

Disapointed on every level, aestheticly ugly no decks or other ideas on how to display the hot tub, just hot tub on cement floor and clueless sales people. I want my gas and bridge toll back!

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We also noticed no patio furniture or BBQs. Only one color of spa to choose from grey.

On the website they have a great selection. As far as those tubs marked as sold.

Good sales feature is all I can say. At $5800 dollars I am not sure where the sale was.

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Master Spas - Water heats up while in use.

Thank you for your post. We'd like to get more information from you so we can review this situation. You mention that you have communicated with our Customer Service Department. As a result, we will have some records of this communication but in order for us to access these records, we need you to reach out to us so we can know who you are. Also, do you have your spa inside or outside? "Thermal creep" can happen in mid to warm climates just as heat loss can happen in cool to cold climates. We'll look forward to discussing these things with you if you reach out to us at either 800-860-7727 or
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Master Spas Hot Tub
Reason of review
Bad quality

I purchased a Master Spas Twilight Series 7.2 hot tub from Orange County Pools and Spas in Middletown, NY in May 2013. Since then, I have had nothing but trouble. The primary issue

is what is called “thermal *** Thermal *** I have discovered, is when the hot tub’s water temperature continues to rise, while in use, above the temperature that the tub’s thermostat is set to maintain. In the case of this tub, the water temperature will continue to rise by 1 degree every 15 minutes for the time that is in use. For instance, the outside temperature the other night was 60 degrees and the hot tub’s thermostat was set to maintain a water temperature of 97 degrees. After 50 minutes of use the water temperature was 100 degrees and continues to rise an additional degree every 15 additional of use until turned off. The Orange County Spools and Spas Service Technician came to our house and ran the tub, observed the temperature rise himself, acknowledged that this problem was occurring and stated that it was not normal for the hot tub to operate in this manner. The technician called Masterspa from my home to inform them.In an attempt to address this acknowledged problem, the Orange County Spools and Spas Service Technician returned to our home several times and replaced the mother board, control panel and both pumps. It should also be noted that one of the pumps was already failing at this point (leaking water about a month after purchase) at the time and needed to be replaced anyway. None of these actions rectified the thermal *** problem. Ben, from the Orange County Pools and Spas Service Department, also told us that he ran the same model in his store for 2 continuous hours and the water temperature only rose 1 degree and agreed that our tub was not operating as it should. The Orange County Spools and Spas Service Technician did acknowledge that the excess heat was being generated by the friction of the pumps themselves and that the tub has no mechanism for cooling itself off.

I have serious health issues, including Lupus and Fibromyalgia. My only son was also recently killed in action in Afghanistan. The hot tub provides a measure of relief from my physical pain and stress, but if I can’t stay in the tub for more than 15 minutes at a time, it makes the tub useless to me and pointless to have. I paid $10,000 for this tub and I should be able to use it. All of my friends who have hot tubs and all of my online research indicate that this degree of thermal *** is not normal operation for a hot tub and should not be occurring. Orange County Pools and Spas’ final offer to us was to charge us $400.00 to come and pick it up, sell it in their show room as a used tub and whatever price it sold for would be paid to us. This is a new hot tub! This tub is under still under standard warranty, we paid for an extended warranty and the problems began- and Orange County Pools and Spas was notified- within 2 weeks of the tub’s installation in our home. This is not how you stand behind the purchase of a new- and expensive- product.

After we had exhausted all attempts to correct the problem, we requested that Orange County Spools and Spas take the hot tub back and refund our money. We were then told by the Orange County Pools and Spas Service Technician – who originally acknowledged the problem because he observed it himself during his first home service call- that we shouldn’t run the tub for more than 15 minutes at a time and that we should add cold water if the temperature rises. Neither of these solutions are expressed in the hot tub’s owner’s manual, nor does the manual state that it is normal for the tub’s water temperature to continue to rise. We talked to the Service Department at Orange County Pools and Spas and to Customer Service at Master Spas, the tub’s manufacturer. Each pointed the finger at each other in regard to approving a refund. We have sent numerous e-mails to Orange County Pools and Spas, and to master spa, regarding this issue and they have not responded. They did reply to our e-mails promptly prior to our purchase of the hot tub, though. They did finally answer us through Orange County Pools and Spas Face Book page and stated that this was normal operation for this hot tub and that a refund would not be approved. We advised them that they are leaving us no further recourse and that we would be consulting an attorney and contacting the Better Business Bureau. We also told them that we were considering posting the details of our ordeal to online consumer websites, so that others would not have to go through what we went through. The person on the Orange County Pools and Spas Face Book page then made a veiled threat by stating “beware that all slander issues will be pursued”. I asked several times who I was speaking to and that person ignored the question and refused to identify himself/herself. So now, I have a $10,000 hot tub that is only 3 months old, that I cannot use, cannot be repaired, cannot get a refund for and a veiled threat from an unidentified person at Orange County Pools and Spas to pursue legal action against us for “slander” if we tell our story (we did save and print the Face Book exchange). This is not good faith business. Instead of providing the relief from my illnesses that I thought it would be, it is causing additional stress and possible financial hardship. If you are reading this, please avoid making the same mistake that we made by purchasing a Master Spas hot tub. Master spa claims we the tub is working, I guess a working tub you can't use the jets more than 15 minutes according to them. however you can use the jets on the lower settings. which is really low that you really cant feel. When we bought the Tub we where never informed of any of this. so they lie to you to get you to buy their tubs. if anyone wants to come over and try my tub let me know I can show you first hand this tub is bad so do not waste your money.. Master spa won't even offer me another model. So don't say I didn't warn you. I did my research and I did see that their were some bad reviews, and after seeing the tub, I said it can't be all bad. boy was I wrong. Now I'm stuck with a 10,000.00 tub that just sits on my deck. once its off of warranty I'm dumping it and getting a new one.. if you decide to buy one good luck.


We visited their show at the Tradex recently just to look at them because none of our investigations into tubs included them. We did buy a superior tub from Coast Spas, and it is amazing.

Anyway, it didn't take me long to recognize bald-face lies when I heard them. 1) No spa can clean with just an ozonator, shock and filters. 2) I smelled the clorine, too 3) No documentation or sales card when I asked for them 4) Sold signs on tubs, how *** do you think I am? If that wasn't a hook, I don't know what is..

the place was empty of customers. 5) cheap plastic covers and short shallow tubs made with very cheap plastic. You have to visit other places to recognize terrible quality.

Sorry you got burned... literally.


we don't use our much which is sad. when it dies will be shopping for a hot tub that has nothing to do master spa, and it will not be with the local guys.

they all tell you what you want to hear. next time we will spends months studying every hot tub out there. we did visit other places this family owned company seemed to own many of the stores. their were only a couple we could go to, and my husband like this one and it was local if something is wrong with it.

the lawyers told me it would cost me more to take them to court so they said it wasn't not worth it. You live and learn. for the guy who thinks the video is *** it was the only I could show the temp going up on a chilly night.

He must work for master spa. ill check out Coast spas..


i'm a service tech very familiar with master spas and think your problem is related to the pump motors that master spas uses... part of the issue could be a total lack of fresh air getting to the pumps.

master spas has repeatedly OVER insulated around the pumps causing them to run hot... it might be worth looking into this.


that's the stupidest video I've ever seen! there must be operator error? I've had a master spa LS700 for 8yrs with not one problem!


I noticed there are several "bs" ratings on these statements

We also have a master spa 7.2 with the temp *** issues

We have also replaced both pumps and just yesterday the 24 hr circulator

Pump died causing a electrical phase issue tripping 2 50a breakers

And the 200a main for house. Had electrician verify everything electrically

Was ok and it is...... For the money our experience has been

Very costly with this spa and we would not buy another master spa

Product. Although very nice in appearance it constantly has problems

And is an energy hog. Our electric bills have increased 80.00 per month

Running at 100 degrees and used for 1/2 hr twice a week. Again we feel

The product is not worth the money or aggravation of leaks, pump failures,

And the hassle we should have heeded the poor reviews

This may not be your experience with the product but it has been ours unfortunately


I'm sorry your having the same problem. we have complained to master spa and they wont do anything.

I hope people read this and do not buy any master spas tubs. once ours dies we will be getting a new one. It's was waste of money. its sad I can't wait for it to break down for good so I can get a new one.

master spa is trash.

it Looks nice but it will cost you. yes our electric bill went way up when the sales person said it wouldn't


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