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Thank you for your comments regarding your visit to a sales event held by a retailer of our products. As a manufacturer, Master Spas, Inc. strives to have complete satisfaction amongst potential owners of our products. It sounds like you had an experience that was not what you expected. The sales event you attended was held by an independently owned and operated business and not Master Spas, Inc. however we take these things seriously and appreciate your valuable input which we will share with the local retailer. We hope you have since found a hot tub to suit your needs. Thank you
Pomona, California

We went to one of those "Spa Shows" which really is this one company (Master Spas). These guys really need to be selling time shares, I think that's where they get their sales pitches from...

I listened to their salesman and their hard sell pitch. Immediately I noticed this guy had basic mathematical skills issues. Every time he added things up he was wrong. Also when we told them we are renting a house with an older spa with a gas heater (we are moving and want to get a new spa for our new place) he claimed I was tossing $20 away every time I turned the gas heater on.

WRONG. My gas bills (which include my oven and water heater for the house) were never over $50 a month, and we fire up the spa 3 or more times a week. I called him on it, and basically he had no comeback whatsoever. The prices changed a few times, then he had to walk way way over to another sleazy guy who wrote a price that was $500 more than their TV Commercials advertised.

Instead of showing us the spa's features and allowing us to compare etc he just wanted to sell us right then... They played their classic sales game of trying to get me to put money down on a spa, but as soon as he realized we weren't buying he just begrudgingly wrote some info down I requested and left. I should of left immediately when I asked the guy for a business card or a brochure I could look at while deciding, he said we have none... Who doesn't have business cards or brochures???

A bunch of sleazy guys selling *** spas would be my guess... Also I think if your company doesn't have stores, then people can't go to you if anything goes wrong. But the biggest red flag was that if we weren't plopping down a deposit today, we didn't really exist for these sharks. I suspect they travel all around with their sales pitches and that their products are mediocre at best.

I'm glad to say we did NOT sign anything NOR put any money down for any spas.

A company that wants to lock you in before you can research the product they are pushing is SLEAZY. You guys definitely lost our business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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