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Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear that the dealer you purchased from didn't explain or review things with you at the time of delivery. Although you can always contact the retailer you purchased through with any questions, their information will be on your sales agreement, you can also contact us at and one of our representatives can help you.
Laramie, Wyoming
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Dear friends,

We are 1.5 years into our Master Spas Twilight series. Here's my warning to you. Never ever EVER buy directly from them. We bought it at a spa show in Denver and they delivered it directly to our home in Laramie Wyoming. That process was a disaster. It came two weeks late in January and the lid wasn't on it and there were dead twigs and ice water in the bottom. It was delivered by a, no way to say it other than to just say it, toothless rather clueless trucker who had all kinds of problems and was NOT at all associated with Master Spas and really had no idea about it.

Start up - what can I say? It was a disaster. Their verbal directions don't match the nearly unintelligible directions in the booklet that comes with the spa. Pre-filter? What is that? Oh, we'll send it to you. Oh, and pieces of the spa (the filter cover/drink holder) didn't come with the spa and also one of the jet controller covers was stripped.

Nowhere, anywhere, are there directions for how to control the jets. there are six easily stripped disk-like structures on that are to control bubbles and jets. Not one word is written anywhere about which disk controls which jets and trust me it isn't easy or logical to figure out.

We bought this because we were sold a bill of goods. "The Eco-Pure filter made it nearly maintenance free." What a crock! And good luck to you to try to figure out what the *** kind of chemicals you need and when you need to put in. Unless you are a spa brain surgeon you are in for hours of confusion and fighting with your spouse and the customer service people. You are supposed to test daily, before and after you use it...Oh I could go on and on.

And that isn't the worst part...their instructions are, as mentioned above, nearly unusable. They clearly did not hire professionals to write their sub-par user manual. Sanitizer? Is that the same as chlorine? Is that the same as Shock? There is no bottle that says the word sanitizer on it but they tell you throughout the booklet to use it.

There is no quick start guide. No video instructions. Trust me folks you are on your own and it's just different enough from other hot tub makers...this whole fabulous eco pure system. Well, as you can tell we are very frustrated and disappointed with the service after our purchase and regret like *** that we didn't buy from a dealer.

Maybe these spas are OK but do yourself a favor and unless you are an absolute guru do not buy direct from these guys.

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I don't mean to be funny but...

You did not buy direct from Master spas, look at the name on your invoice...

You bought from one of the Hot Tub Blowout sales or spa expos.

Now you are talking about clueless delivery truckers how about the clueless consumer who instead of dealing with a local dealer who could take care of every single issue you are talking about decided it would be a good idea to buy from a traveling road show...

Sounds like you have a problem with no back-up and support, not a problem with the product.

The traveling road shows are a joke. you pay the same price as at a retailer, and the guys selling it to you can say anything because they are going hundreds of miles away from you on Sunday after the carnage is done...