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Master Spas - Top of line tub / *** service

Hi Ron. Thanks for providing your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that your experiences so far haven’t been pleasant ones. One of our customer care team members will be happy to reach out to you regarding this situation and where to go from here. Thank you again for providing your honest feedback – we appreciate it!
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Master Spas Twilight Series Ts 8.25 Hot Tub
  • Master blaster foot jets
  • Lack of service
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution
Master Spas - Top of line tub / *** service
Master Spas - Top of line tub / *** service

I purchased Master twilight 8.25 series from local dealer and sales reps from Master Spa at sales expo. We have been wanting a tub for a long time. I was impressed with the quality of the shell and components after researching and checking reviews. Took delivery mid November 2017. Delivery process was disappointing and could have been more careful driving truck in yard.

None the less I was extremely happy to finally get the tub in and since there wasn't any set up service available for several weeks, I did it myself.

My wife and I use it around 1-2 times per week. The power of the jets for therapy is amazing, keeping it clean is easier is then I imagined. Very happy to this point.

First real problem was the tub kept turning off and tripping the breaker.

Atlanta Spa came out and replaced the heater saying that caused the breaker to trip.

A few weeks later and the first time we had 6 people in the tub after around 40 minutes when some of us smelt something electrical burning. I noticed that one of the pumps slowed a little and without to much thought left the tub and turned off pump 2. We later found out the # 2 pump was bad and would make a grinding sound and strained to start up.

This was one week before Christmas and still thinking there was plenty of time to get it repaired because of family coming in that wanted to get have use of the tub. Dealer told me they do not stock motors and would have to get one shipped from the factory but the holidays would be a problem because Master Spa shuts down from Christmas to new year.

We finally got the replacement pump installed on January 11th. We didn't use the tub the entire time.

The repairman left me without hooking speakers back up and with a vapor lock after filling. I hadn't experienced that before. They didn't offer to come back and help just instructions over the phone that didn't help. So I figured out how to bleed the system after filling it up, connected the lights, and turned pump on only to notice a leak from main seal on the side of the motor they just replaced. I also noticed the bottom mounting plate was bent and immediately thought it may have been dropped and could of been the cause of leak. Also noticed the motor housing was smaller then pump 1 and didn't have the same Balboa name plate.

They assured me that it was original equipment from the factory.

They came back a week later to replace with another motor "from the factory". This time no damage but again the motor didn't say Balboa. Again left me to refill the tub and with same vapor lock. I called Mater Spa customer service for help and to share my experience while they looked up my serial number to confirm what was going on. They suggested that I call a different service provider saying I could go to a spa service company to for handle warranty obligations,which I did not know.

They also said there was a claim submitted for a heater but no claims on motors leading me to believe I have been lied to and now questioning the motor not being original factory equipment. The motor does not move as much water and makes more noise.

Please let me know what my next step should be?

Call me at 404 391 7091

Master Spas - Master spa

I've owned spas in the past and recently installed a new Masterspa twighlight 8.25. It's by far the best experience I've had in terms of install, delivery, quality and price.. The neck jets are second to none.. This tub is so much easier to care for than any other spa I've owned. If your gonna buy a spa, master is the best in terms of therapy.. Trust me its refreshing not to have to deal with all the chemicals.. My wife refused to get in our old hot tub because of all the chemicals. The water in our Masterspa feels clean and fresh. My neighbor sat in our spa and couldn't believe how inferior his 2 year old spa was to ours. If your gonna spend the money you might as well get a spa that you enjoy. This is my third spa in the last 25 years. It's by far and away without doubt the best spa we've ever owned. John Sutton Dana Point, Ca
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Murrieta, California
Master Spas Twilight Series Ts 8.25 Hot Tub
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Good quality

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