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Master Spas - Warning - Check Independant Sources First!

Hi Scott. As you’ve already left feedback for our company before, I'm sure that none of what I'm about to explain will be new information for you - but allow me to post it again. Warranty claims and service should always work through Master Spas authrorized independent retailers and service centers as outlined in the written warranty terms for the product. These authorized contacts are independents who we would have service agreement and accounts with and whom would have access to reference materials for our products. They would have access to order any necessary, propietary parts that would be in the swim spa to ensure original, Master Spas supplied components are used for the repair. With the heater problem you had encountered, it does appear that problems and delays occurred trying to get an authorized local service contact out to review the heater failure claim. As review of details on this end, part of this does seem related to the COVID 19 pandemic as mentioned by you given the various closures and restrictions (either forced by local government or elected by businesses). We have notes on file about you having found and looking to arrange your own repairs through an independent contractor. As normal policy, it was reviewed that warranty service would normally have to go through authorized service center and we would not just reimburse random bills from unauthorized service. With regards to the acrylic shell surface cracking damage that has developed, use of a non-insulating cover and/or the product being left constantly exposed to direct sun and weather conditions, this is something that we have specific statements and details regarding within our product manuals and written warranty terms. This sort of acrylic surface cracking damage that has been shown to us (located and spawning above water level around perimeter and can be especially seen hastened on exposed surfaces facing west and/or south that would potentially get the strongest heat effects from the sun) has been seen over the years when spas and swim spas are left either completely opened, uncovered or with use of non-insulating covers designed for inground pools which do not offer good insulating protection to the multilayer acrylic and fiberglass shells with spas and swim spas. Master Spas has only offered insulating spa covers for our spas and swim spas to the worldwide independently owned and operated retailers selling our products. We have certainly seen customers desire for something less bulky (ultimately also much less energy efficient as well as less protective) and have the thin roll out pool covers installed. When used and in direct sun exposure, the shell is exposed to similar extreme temperature swings (especially areas where cover is in direct contact with shell and is getting direct sun exposure) almost as if it were left completely open and exposed. Again, acrylic surface cracking damage as seen relating to such conditions the shell is being exposed to are specifically reviewed in our product manual and warranty as not being warranted. This information can be seen in the 2018 H2X Owner’s Manual within Regular Maintenance Procedures, Care & Cleaning of Swim Spa Surface on page 31 as well as mentioned in Winterizing & Storing Your Swim Spa section on page 34. Within our written warranty terms, this is reviewed within the Limitations section. We make our manuals and warranties available on our website for customers and potential customers, our customer support team is happy to e-mail copies as requested and copies would be supplied inside the cabinet of each swim spa from manufacturing for owners to review and reference for important safety, installation, care and operation instruction. Thank you for reaching out once again, and hopefully this helps clear some things up.
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Master Spas - Warning - Check Independant Sources First!
Master Spas - Warning - Check Independant Sources First!
Master Spas - Warning - Check Independant Sources First!
Master Spas - Warning - Check Independant Sources First!
Master Spas - Warning - Check Independant Sources First!
Master Spas - Warning - Check Independant Sources First!

I have a new H2X 15 Trainer, paid $35,000. Before you purchase any Master Spa model call local spa repair companies.

These are the guys at the post purchase end! You will avoid what so many have, extremely poor warranty and customer service care.

This company is about volume and profit.

I have never filed a complaint or been to court in my 62 years, MS is my first!

Dont believe me, do your own Independant research. Dont be fooled by A+ BBB rating and online customer care testimonies, this company is out for itself!

Extremely disenchanted.....

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