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Thank you for your post. We'd like the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or This situation with your suction cover was beyond our control and we’d love the opportunity to explain it to you. Thank you
Kennewick, Washington

I had a problem replacing my inlet suction cover which was broken at the bottom of the steps. Master Spa will not sell me a direct replacement and that I would have to go with a different type.

I would have to flip the spa on its side and basicly replace all 3 inlet suction fittings.

Do you know how much a 8 foot by 17 foot spa weights and I would need a crain like that to move it. You just can do that and the weight would probable crack the spa being on its side.

So I replace their cheep covers with Stainless steel fittings that I bought off of E-bay for about $14 apeice and replace them all and it only cost me about $45 dollars to replace all 3 covers instead of the pain I would have to go through.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Havertown, Pennsylvania, United States #916345

Same issues. Unbelievable.

They don't sell the part because the suction can KILL YOU OR MORE LIKELY A CHILD. Costs 1000 to retrofit less powerful suction.

They know this but refuse to issue a recall or fix the problem. They're going get sued into bankruptcy .only matter of time

Not Unlike GM knowing their ignition switches were killing a small number of people but found it cheaper to do nothing!!


Can you share how you made the covers I am experiencing the same thing with my hot tub. Thanks


Same problem, where did you find the SS rpelacement covers?

My email is


Same problem. Please let me know what you guys bought!!

My email is Thanks!!


This is the exact same problem I am having with my LS850! Can you give any info on who the replacement fittings were purchased from?

I've been looking everywhere! Thanks!

to Abz734 Newburgh, New York, United States #652523

I have the exact same problem. Where can i find the stainless steel fittings? Any help is much appreciated!