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Oscar, as the manufacturer our goal is to have everyone that purchases our products satisfied. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible for several reasons relating to potential product issues (which we can readily address) or unrealistic expectations. While Hot Tubs Inc. , the retailer you purchased through, has won numerous awards the past several years, they are not in the position to perform any electrical service on your spa. From what we understand, this has been clearly conveyed to you on several occasions. You will need, and for the safety of your family, should want a licensed electrician to perform all the wiring and connections. Our owner’s manual clearly states this too. From further information that we are aware of, you requested them to come out and perform an orientation on your new product. They arrived to find the product not hooked up and not even filled up. Obviously, no orientation could happen although they already sent a representative from their business on the trip to your residence a couple hours away. Also, from what we understand, the retailer has offered to send someone out again to perform an orientation once you provide proof the product has been filled and hooked up and agree to pay a minimal travel fee to make up for the multiple visits that have been out of their control.

Master Spas claim that we haven't contacted Hot Tubs Inc, one of its distributors, to solve our problem. I thought the Office of the Attorney General letter was clear enough.

To clarify Master Spas poor understanding, here is more info that might help them clarify the matter.

On may 15, we place a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. No answer from Hot Tubs Inc., Master Spas distributor. (Attached document)

On May 24, after no answer from Hot Tubs Inc., Master Spas distributor, we placed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General. (Attached document)

On June the 7th, the Office of the Attorney General sent the final request to Hot Tubs Inc., Master Spas distributor, to resolve the mater.

On July 3rd, the Office of the Attorney General states that after repeated attempts, it was unsuccessful getting an answer from Hot Tubs Inc., Master Spas distributor.

The fact that Hot Tubs Inc. Master Spas distributor, haven't answered any calls or attempts to contact then, make Master Spas answer really misleading

Product or Service Mentioned: Master Spas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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