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Thank you for your email. One of our Customer Care Team members will be in touch with you to review the situation further. Regarding the energy efficiency of your TS 7.2, Master Spas is one of only a few manufacturers in our industry that have certified, in-house energy testing chambers. We do this to ensure that we have the most efficient product it can be possibly be and we're confident it is.
Campbellsport, Wisconsin

I'm not happy with the Twilight Spa I purchased at the Redmond Fairgrounds. First, this the third spa I've owned and it's costing at least two and half times as much to operate as spas I've owned previously.

The cover, in my opinion is not substantial enough for normal weather conditions not to mention the colder weather we have here on the high desert in central Oregon. Two and a half times as costly, and the salesman stated that this spa will cost less to operate then any spa I have owned in the past. After an inch to an inch and a half of snow the cover will be totally free of snow only water. The center bar down the middle of the cover sags and snow never builds up above it unless it's extremely cold.

In the past spas have cost no more then $20 a month to operate.

This tub, somewhere close to $50. What the ***...

Reason of review: Spa costs much more to operate then comparable spas.

Preferred solution: A new better quality cover would be a start. .

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