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We're very sorry for the poor experience and issues with your spa. A member of our Customer Care team will be reaching out to you to review the situation and work towards you being able to enjoy it.

We bought a master healthy living spa in September 2016. Approximately 1 month later it kicked off the breaker.

Since then there has been every possible part to the spa replaced, including the so called " mother board" because the spa kept shutting down. We bought our spa from East Coast Spa out of Horsham, Pa. When we called them they were very elusive and nonchalant about our concerns. They referred us to their repair man, who made every effort to fix the spa.

He made numerous trips to our house in an attempt to remedy the problem. Finally in May of 2017 he said that he could not find the problem and that they would have to give us a new spa. Finally over four months later we got another spa in October of 2017. When we turned it on it started leaking all over the place.

So we called the repairman again and he not only had to fix the leak but also had to replace one of the "new" pumps because it was not working correctly. On top of this 1 week after we had the new spa it shut down again. Now we seem to be back to square one with the new spa, always anticipating if it will be working from day to day, and of course we will call the repair man each time it shuts down. Both of these spa that we bought have been nothing but a nightmare.

We would like to know that if this 2nd "new" spa continues to have the same problems as the first can we return it for a different model.

Obviously this model has some serious issues. Below are the serial numbers of both spas Spa purchased Sept 2016 #1606440 Replacement Spa delivered Oct 2017 #1711637 Thanks Joseph Gagliardi

Review about: Master Spas Healthy Living Hl7 Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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