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Dear Anonymous - Thanks for your review. Through the other information you provided to us for verification of ownership, we have addressed your complaint in the past yet you were either unable or unwilling to provide us more details. First, all of our spas meet and exceed the energy standards established in certain parts of the country. Since there are so many variables in actual energy consumption including kw/hr cost, how often are you using the spa, how often is it uncovered, what temperature do you have it set at, etc, we use the established guidelines from those standards as the criteria for our cost per month operation. We clearly state this on our website. We've also asked for some further information on your cover and have not received anything. We'd love to help you so please forward photos of the cover to so we can address your concerns. Thank you.

Don't trust these reviews. The spa my wife and I bought from a Master Spa "road show" has some positive features.

However, our spa came with a substandard cover (in my opinion). The cover didn't fit well and began sagging into the water after about a year. The cost of power is about two and a half times the amount in their advertising, which is much more then other spas this size. I would not buy another spa from Master Spa..

They also take down negative reviews or possibly put them at the very bottom of the reviews they receive on line. How I wish I had purchased our new spa from a local dealer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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