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Hi Eric. Thank you for reaching out about this. After talking to our Customer Service team, it sounds like they've already reached out to you and explained that there doesn't seem to be anything defective with your spa. With that being said, we do appreciate your feedback.
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I have owned the Master Spa HL7 for 7 months and have spoken to the shop which I purchased it from, Master Spas and just had another shop tech come out to fix my issue. The issue for our spa is that it does not hold temperature with the cover off.

We have NEVER seen the temp raise or even hold constant while using. The customer service rep has repeatedly informed me that its normal to continually drop and not hold steady. Having owned spas in the past and having several neighbors with spas (including two Master Spas) I find this to be not true at all.

After one 15 min cycle of the jets, we always lose 3-5 degrees no matter whether its 50 degrees or 30 degrees outside. We are still within the warranty phase but Master Spa continually tells us that this is normal.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Master Spas Cons: Customer service.

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