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Thanks so much for the detailed review. We hope you're still enjoying your hot tub!

Purchased our spa at the Florida Lakeland Spa Show with Spa's from Southeast Spas in February 2016. We were able to negotiate down from the reported special wholesale price for a new model purchased for the show. It included bluetooth and we added wifi, a cover and lifter, steps, chemicals, and free delivery.

Purchased on Saturday and it was delivered on Monday. A speaker cover was broken while unloading and they forgot to install the wifi before loading on the truck to deliver. They sent DJ out on Tuesday to fix the problems. Took 2 weeks to get the electric permit and installation ($1800 for us - see details below) and started spa two days ago. Sarasota county just changed from a $99 permit to $479 for permanent connection spa permit. But for $99 you can get a portable connection permit requiring an RV like plug at an additional $279 over regular disconnect switch. Same 6 gauge wire and special 60 amp breaker. Justin who delivered our spa walked through the startup and provided all chemicals and how to use them. He took his time and was very helpful. So after we filled the spa it started without incident and is great. No issues and quickly heated to desired temperature and jets are well positioned and very strong and totally adjustable. There is a line inside the filter area which shows how high to fill. So far we like the spa as much as our previous Hot Springs and Jacuzzi spas purchased for prior homes. Directions for both Bluetooth and wifi could use some improvement. Bluetooth worked great with supplied remote for radio, and once we watched a video on how to pair with a smart phone, it permitted Pandora to stream through the spa's very good outdoor speakers. The supplied remote does not show Bluetooth as an option and till you pair which was confusing as it had av1 usb and radio. Still unclear on the role of the remote with smart phone but you do need to make sure you turn the bluetooth on through this remote before using smart phone. Wifi was a struggle due to no error messages when adding SSID and router password. Found a list of potential issues online and problem ended up moving wifi unit to rear of spa and closer to house where signal was stronger (about 7 foot closer), even thought my phone connected to wifi in the original location of the spa wifi box. Good thing they gave us the wifi box with a long cable. The balboa water group app that interacts with wifi permits the same functions and easier to use than the controls inside the spa. The over straps ended in the middle of the speakers with how we put the cover on. They could have put the speakers in another place to avoid this on the same panel. Not a good design here. We purchased a long strap on amazon to solve the problem.

We have had both hot springs and Jacuzzi hot tubs before - so a few comparisons. First Master Spas is cheaper but only has a 3 year warranty - time will tell if this matters. They do sell an extended warranty if you feel you need to do so. Hot springs has their controls outside the unit (Jacuzzi does not) and we miss this as you could always see the temp and lights without lifting the cover, but the smart phone app makes this somewhat less of an issue. Hot springs and Jacuzzi have better side panels - you don't realize this till you remove them and see their construction - however if you don't abuse the side panels, they should all last a long time. Once the covers are off you can see how well insulated the unit is and the strengh of the 2x4 construction. Same as other brands. Interior finish and number of jets are comparable. Jets are fully adjustable and moveable to other locations. Motors are more horse power on Master Spas so will need to see about electric usage. In the past we have seen our electric bill go up by about $100 a month in Florida where it does not get that cold, which the salesman share electric costs if they are not afraid it will scare you. Filter life and costs seem comparable - only 2 filters and an insert where we had 5 on the Hot Springs that last years but cost much more. Master spas has not updated their web-site with the recent improvements and options. We had difficulty finding pricing information for Master spas, as they are not any showrooms close by.

We were able to check the internet while at the show and found as many positive reviews as negative. We read many negative reviews and bashing by what appears to be Hot Springs and Jacuzzi dealers. Southeast spas are not high pressure, and did not misrepresent anything. We had never considered Master Spas and had some reservations but for perhaps 25% less in cost, and after research and questioning the salesman and spending time with the owner, we bought the 7.2. So far we have not seen any of the negatives and we will just need to see how the spa works out. As we have had two spas before we were able to have a good negotiation and able to compare features, functionality, etc. and have a good discussion before purchasing so our best input to you is do your homework in advance of your purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Master Spas Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Location: Venice, Florida

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