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Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. Once we received your online post, our Customer Care Manager looked into the situation and realized that it had not been closed from the original July communication with us. We're glad to note that since this morning, we've been able to touch base with the local service provider and authorized them to perform the service at no charge. Once again, we apologize that this was not handled quickly. Thank you for being a valued customer and please let us know if there is anything else you need through either customer or 800-860-7727.

I purchased a Twilight Series spa, Model ts40. When I went to drain the spa, I found that there was no drain plug installed.

I called Master Spas on 7/14/15-10:45am, spoke to Paul..he said he would contact a service tech to check it out. A service tech came out and confirmed that there was no drain plug. Paul said that I would have to pay a service charge to cover the amount that Master Spa would not pay to the service tech. I said that I should not have to pay for anything that should have been standard equipment on a new spa.

I then talked to Brian on 8/10/15-1:20pm, and he said he would try to resolve the situation. I then talked to Jessica on 8/14/15-11:10am, and she said the same thing. Nothing has been done. There seem to be no service backup for their spas, and no quality control.

And why should a customer have to pay for something that is standard equipment.

I have given thought to have a Lawyer become involved just for the reason of their lack of concern for the customer.

Reason of review: poor customer service and defective product.

Preferred solution: Fix the spa, pay for a submersible pump, or give me my money back .

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