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I purchased a unit over a year ago and had to delay bringing it home. No worries, they held on to it for me and then actually found a buyer which allowed me to purchase another model - the HL-7 - which I was more interested in. In preparing my walk-out for the spa, they provided pictures and advice on where to bring the power to and also recommended additional supply purchases for the spa so that I did not have to keep coming back every few month. Overall service (phone and email) has been prompt - Alfred leading the way. I will take possession of the new unit in mid-October and will update my review at the end of December 2018.
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Toronto, Ontario
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Master Spas - A Disappointing Experience So Far

Thanks for the details on the delivery of your new spa. We’ve been in touch with the local dealer and understand they’ve already scheduled to visit you tomorrow to get any outstanding issues resolved. They’ll do everything they can to get you soaking in your new spa right away.
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Purchased a Master Spa (Michael Phelps Legend Series) in early August 2015. Was advised that delivery would be in 6 weeks. Before actually purchasing the spa, I found the service at my local dealer very high quality. They called or texted every day and answered all my questions. After paying the initial deposit though, I never heard a thing...4 weeks passed, 5 weeks, 6 weeks. The hot tub was now "late" based on the 6 weeks I was advised and I hadn't heard anything. My phone calls for assistance either went unanswered or with vague promises to have someone else call me, which would never happen. After two weeks of this, I finally spoke with one of the owners who advised that the hot tub was at their location and could be delivered that week. Why couldn't anyone else advise me of that?

The hot tub was delivered on a Thursday evening...they were late arriving and given the time of year (mid October 2015), it was now already getting dark. Was advised that the trailer had a flat tire, hence the delay. The hot tub was delivered by the owner of the company with no helping hands. It was up to me, my boyfriend and the owner to haul the new hot tub off the truck, push it across my property into the back yard, load up the old hot tub and get it on the truck (removal of my old hot tub was part of the deal). I was advised that this was because I had received just a great deal on the tub, they didn't want to pay for the delivery. The process of moving the tubs in the dark - oh and of course it started raining as soon as the owner arrived! - took over an hour and half. Not a pleasant experience and also meant that by the time the tub was in place, the electrical wiring was soaked and it was deemed unsafe to hook up that night. So, the hot tub sits filling with rain water on cold October night.

Owner came back 2 days later to assist with hook up. Got everything hooked up and went to turn the unit on. The circulation pump won't work. All the jets work, the lights work, the control panel is working and showing my water temperature - but the unit itself is not circulating water through the heater in order to heat the water up. Multiple errors messages appear and after attempting to solve the problem myself I had to call the owner again. He arrived 8 hours later (which was appreciated), replaced the circulation pump and when that didn't work decided that the problem was that ice must have built up in the lines while the tub sat empty for those two days. Now he says I just have to wait for the temperature to get better outside so that the tub will work. Forecast shows slightly warmer temperatures in 2-3 days.

All of this to say that I am less with impressed with the $13,000 purchase I made. Frankly, I am regretting it. The tub I have just purchased is more useless than the 30 year old unit I was trying to replace. The late delivery with no customer service, coupled with the fact that the tub isn't even working is extremely disappointing. It also of course has me worried about the overall quality of the tub - if a line froze in October while it was empty aside from some rain water - how is this thing going to handle a Canadian winter?

Perhaps I will feel differently if/when the hot tub actually starts to work and isn't just an artifact in my yard. I promise to add another review if this is the case. My advise at this point though for anyone considering a Master Spa would be to consider other options.

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