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Master Spas - Hot Tub Review from Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania

A member of our Customer Care team has been in touch and offered you a 6 month warranty extension while also coordinating the local service technician to thoroughly inspect your hot tub. After reviewing their findings, we will be in touch with you to finalize this situation.
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Master Spas Hot Tub
Reason of review
Bad quality

Update by user Jun 13, 2016

I have contacted master spa's today they have offered a 6 months extended warranty but they haven't found out why my spa is shorting out it's pumps and heaters and control panel's and judging by today's email from them they aren't going to either. Now we have to take legal action against them because they built a lemon of a hot tub and don't care to fix it properly. You can buy better quality spa's then their's since they don't back their product

Update by user Jun 08, 2016

6 weeks and still no decision from masterspas spas.this is all the update I have

Update by user May 26, 2016

My spam has broken down yet again this company is doing nothing about my issues I talked with them and they gave no inside as to what they are going to do I will be contacting a lawyer to see what my options are in can'take use tub again it going on a week waiting for another repair.

Update by user May 17, 2016

Masterspas has not made any attempt to contact us i had the service technician send them an updated repair list.but I believe they are going to ignore us till our warranty runs out this spa was a waste of over $9000.00 In my opinion it is just a matter of time till it breaks down again and I have to buy these expensive pumps and heaters that keep failing.

Original review posted by user May 03, 2016

We have a master spa twilight series going on 3 years now and it hasn't run more than 6 months at a time without needing repairs it has blown 2 circulator pumps,2 heaters and a jet pump we have contacted the dealer we purchased it from they gave us an email to contact the owner haven't ever got a reply this hot tub seem like it is going to be a complete waste of money.

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Master Spas in Mercer, Pennsylvania - I paid 10.000 for a LEMON

Posted by Master Spas Customer Support on July 28, 2015:

A member of our Customer Care Team tried to reach out to you through both the email and phone number you submitted previously. The email was sent at 8:10am Friday morning and the phone message was left close to noon. We will try again today and also to reach out to the dealer you purchased the spa through. If you have not been getting our communication, please also feel free to email us at or call us at 800-860-7727. We look forward to getting any situation you have with the spa resolved.

Posted by Master Spas Customer Support on July 24, 2015:

Thank you for letting us know about any issues with your hot tub. First and foremost, it’s Master Spas goal to have happy hot tub owners and a member of our Customer Care team will be in touch with you to discuss the situation further.
With the information you provided, we were able to bring up the history we have on your hot tub. Unfortunately, we do not have any service claims or communication with your dealer regarding any of the issues you state in your review. We count on getting this information from our network of dealers and service centers to give us more insight into situations happening in the field and to help us continually improve our products. We look forward to talking to you and making these next several years of your hot tub ownership more enjoyable.
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Master Spas Hot Tub
  • Store that we bought our spa from has done their
  • Sold me a fake product
  • Poor quality
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
i want our hot tub replaced with one that works, or I want the one we have to be properly evaluated and fixed with a new warranty in case of future issues, I also want the $800.00 that we paid for the stereo the has never worked. I would also like a manua
  • Legal terms

Update by user Jul 30, 2015

I would like to take a minute and thank Brian from Master Spas', your phone call and your guidance meant so much to us. Just knowing that your concern of our happiness with your company's product speaks volumes.

This will keep us as customers forever. I believe that every company's product can sometimes have defects... That doesn't mean I feel Master Spa is a bad product.. It's all in how the issues are resolved.

Your customer service has been amazing. Thank you so much for being compassionate and for all that your doing to resolve these drawbacks.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely Melissa & Mark

Update by user Jul 27, 2015

I have not talked to anyone from Master Spa's, I left my phone numbers and my email. The history information would be with the dealer that we purchased our spa from in Geove City.

They are aware of our problems, was in contact with them last Monday. The Spa has been out of order for more then a week.

Update by user Jul 23, 2015

I would also like to add... After complaining about the stereo not working we received a very generic looking remote...

Still haven't been able to hear anything... The store copied off an owner manual off the internet (not the correct one) after spending an hour of our time reading the wrong manual we were even more disgusted..

We have never once discussed ANY warranty information.... I'm am just now gathering information from these reviews that I feel should have been discussed before the actual purchase.

Original review posted by user Jul 23, 2015

I paid close to $10.000 for our Master Spa, Twilight series. This spa NEVER came with an owners manual, we have also never been able to use the stereo system them cost $800.00.

It has had several leaks, the jets work off an on and the mother had to be replaced in the first year. This hot tub was suppose to be enjoyable and relaxing.. It has been very disappointing. The company we bought this tub from has fixed, or has done their best to fix any and all of our problems, however it's not even been paid off and it's been a true headache, it has cause more family drama then ever.

I sometimes feel that this tub had been used and resold... Other times I feel I bought a lemon.

It's not even two years old! Very disgusted.