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Hi Ken. Firstly, thank you for providing your feedback. We do appreciate it and we’re sorry to hear that your swim spa isn’t what you had hoped it would be.
You are correct about the drain. Due to the physical size of the swim spa, using a submersible sump pump is the most effective way to drain it quickly. Please also know that your water doesn’t have to be replaced 2-4 times per year if you feel the water quality is still good. We have many customers who go a year or more before draining and replacing their water.
As for the cover, we’re sorry to hear that you didn’t feel the cover lifter provided much assistance. We usually have great feedback from customers using cover lifters so it’s unfortunate that you didn’t feel it helped much. We do have an alternative cover, the Axis Cover System, that rolls up instead of folding. I’d encourage you to look into it if it sounds like something that could help.
I’d like to also address your concerns with filtration. As filters get dirty, there will be less suction and water being drawn into the filter housings. Regularly rinsing and cleaning your filters will allow the most optimal amount of water to draw into the skimmer and filter housing. If the filters are removed and there is draw felt as the pumps are operating, there is likely no problem at all. If you’re having an issue with debris settling at the bottom of your swim spa, I’d recommend buying a spa vacuum with an extendable arm. You can purchase them from Amazon and we’ve had customers who use them say that they are super helpful if your swim spa is installed in a place where leaves and debris are commonly getting into your water.
If you have any questions about your warranty, you can find a copy of your warranty on our website. (Click “Resources” in the top right corner, scroll down to “Warranties”, then select “Swim Spas” at the bottom. From there you can select the warranty that applies to your product.)
You can also contact our corporate Customer Service team by emailing or calling (800) 860-7727 during business hours if you have any other questions. Thank you for the feedback, Ken.
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My wife and I were looking for a new spa. At a local spa show, we fell in love with the idea of a swim spa and the salesman from Master Spa was very convincing.

Had to pay 1/2 up front; 1/2 when it was manufactured and ready for delivery. Once it arrived, we noticed - There is no way to drain it. You are supposed to replace the water 2-4 times a year depending on use, and you are responsible for purchasing your own submersible pump to do it. The covers are very difficult to get on and off.

Even with the best mechanical lifts that you also have to buy on your own and install, you need to open the covers over 5-6 ft. above your head, and they are heavy.

Maintenance - The skimming top layer filters do not do a good job of filtering the surface. From the beginning, oils, dirt, debris, will not effectively get drawn to the filters even when the jets are on. The majority of the volume of filtration comes from 2 inlets under the seating area, and I do not think they back-flow to the filters for cleaning the water.

There also is not enough force to remove dirt or debris off the bottom of the spa basin. Filters are proprietary to Master Spa and 2-3 times more expensive.

Warranty - Within the first 3 months, one of the decorative water jets stopped working. After an e-mail to the company in Wisconsin, They farm out the repairs to a "local" repair shop near you. After being rejected by 2 spa technicians, contacted a closer spa repair company 60 miles away and after 3 weeks, finally had a technician come out and remove manufacturing debris (wad of plastic) from the tube.

The technician requested mileage covered for the repair in which Master Spa paid for.

At a year and a half old, the spa started leaking. Once again, contacted customer service, contacted the previous technician, Master Spa is no longer covering mileage. So, even though the repair is covered by the warranty, I have to pay $100 each time the technician comes out. $100 for diagnosis, $100 for repair.

Honestly, the maintenance is a major point of frustration.

Spa water is very difficult to keep clean, the inside of the spa easily gets dirty and there is nothing designed to clean it or keep it clean like in an in-ground pool with sweeper system. (seat jets are not that strong) or a pool but something in between.

User's recommendation: Do your research before committing to buy.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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