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Thank you for your recent post and choosing a Master Spa. Our Customer Care team is always ready to assist you with any issues you may have and can be reached at 800-860-7727 or We understand your frustration and will be contacting you to review the situation and get any issues you may have with your hot tub resolved.
Reno, Nevada

A little over a year with our tub and it's a huge paperweight. We bought the tub on one of their road-shows. I was sitting there with the salesman and his closer looking at all the bad reviews this company had online and I was thinking "what am I doing???"

I should have walked out. But I didn't, I bought the $8,000 spa and waited for delivery. Here I am a little over a year later and I can't get it fixed under the three year warranty. Nobody will tell you this when you buy your spa, but you must go online and register it to start your warranty, so here's your warning... go online and register your spa.

The place I contacted to fix my spa was given to me by Master Spas, and I was treated like dirt. Here's some advice. If you want to buy one of their spas first contact their warranty repair place and ask them if they'll fix it under warranty. Anyway... I call, give them a brief description of the problem along with the code that appears in the display and the repair place says that Master Spa's won't pay them to troubleshoot the problem. But the woman says she'll order the part in hopes of that being the problem. Over a week later and I call back, to see if the part is in. I get passed around by 4 people who have no idea who I am. So tip number two. If you call the warranty repair place, not the day, date, time and the person's name you spoke to.

This is when I find out that I needed to register my spa. When I bought it. You'd think a detail like that would have been communicated to me when I bought it. Nope. My advice to Master Spas is to enroll the spa the day you sell it. I bought it directly from Master Spas on one of their road shows, you'd think I wouldn't have to do something like this.

Here I am, so far three weeks with a cold spa. The factory recommended repair facility now tells me that their two weeks out, which I'm sure they're telling me because they don't want to fix my Master Spa. They give me a number for a repair place that is more than an hour away from my home, in hopes they'll come fix it.

I would recommend do not buy a Master Spa, but like me you'll probably read this bad review and buy one anyway. When it breaks, like mine did, and you can't get it fixed in a reasonable time, remember theses words... Like me, you're an ***, you should have known better, but you did it anyway so quit your whining!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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