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Hi again, Joe. Our Customer Service team has both emailed you and left you voicemails since receiving your last reviews – have you had time to follow up with them? To clarify – your complaint isn’t with our company Master Spas, but with the third party company that sold you the spa. We are diligently trying to resolve this issue – but at the end of the day your issue is with an entirely different company, so finding a resolution can be difficult. I often compare it to going into a Best Buy and buying a Sony TV – if you have an issue with the sales or service at that Best Buy store, are you going to complain to Best Buy or Sony? We are only the manufacturers of the product you bought, the issues you’re having with sales and service have nothing to do with our company. With that being said, we would still like to reach out to you and see if there’s anything we can do to help aid in this situation. I understand your frustration, but please be willing to work with us on this. Our Customer Service team looks forward to hearing from you.

Purchased spa at Spa and Swimspa Show, S.D. promised free delivery and 2nd placement due to their insistence of next day delivery.

They refused to honor no cost 2nd placement. Spa sits 10 feet from where it is supposed to (pad).

Product or Service Mentioned: Master Spas Hot Tub.

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