Cedarburg, Wisconsin

My favorite spa yet. I bought a twilight 6.2 from a expo show in my local town. I went with the intention of finding a great deal. To my surprise the deals were better then I could imagine. There weren't colors to choose from but I liked the colors they had anyway. I bought the twilight because of the neck and shoulder jets and because of this new filtration system. My salesman was Travis, he did a great job explaining and answering all of our questions.

The spa was almost half the amount of the hot springs I was looking at and twice the features. This is our families 3 rd hot tub and our favorite to date. The deliver guys were 10 minutes early, when does that ever happen, and it was smooth as silk. They put it right where we wanted it and gave us some instruction on how to fill.

Travis asked us to text him when we were ready to start up our spa. He called us back in about 20 minutes and walked us through the entire process. Very easy BTW.

I'm taking the time to post this because the local dealer told me to beware of buying from them, that they don't service. Well I've waited an entire year and this spa is amazing. No issues and since my purchase I went to the local spa dealer to buy some test strips and in an ironic twist his doors are locked and he is no longer in business. I would recommend a master spa and more specifically a twilight spa to anyone who is in the market. So happy.

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