Redmond, Oregon

We purchased a spa at the expo center in Redmond. We saw the ad on T.V and after considering a purchase at a retailer for around 8500.00 we saw the ad and made a trip to your event.

We spent time with a factory rep and we surprised to find out how truly different spas/hit tubs really are. We decided on a twilight 7.2 because of the neck and shoulder jets and also the mineral filtration. This being our second spa we were thrilled about not using all the chemicals for the water. We bought the spa on Friday and the tub was delivered the same day.

We filled it up and were using it the same day. In one word it is amazing. A special Thank you to the delivery crew as it was not easy removing our old spa and setting the new one in our deck. The kids love the lights and waterfalls.

I would recommend a Master spa to anyone looking. Thanks again to the whole crew.

You made it very easy to decide to do business with your company. Built in the USA.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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