Hi Sheri! We’re happy to hear that this has been resolved. Thank you for the feedback.
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Resolved: Love my Spa - hate customer service | Master Spas review from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hi Gretchen. First off, we’re so happy to hear that you love your spa! However, after checking our database, we show no record of you contacting our corporate customer service department. We have Master Spas dealers located all over the country, as well as internationally, and we do have some in your area. We want to make sure that the issues with your spa get resolved so you can get back to enjoying it to its fullest extent, so one of our corporate customer care representative will be in contact with you shortly to see what we can do to help you. Thanks so much for the feedback, Gretchen. We appreciate it!
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Update by user Oct 05, 2018

Finally Masterspas contacted me. The company they use to service their spas contacted Spa Master who simply sent us replacement parts. Master spa authirized the service and we had to pay the trip charge of $125 (which should have been waived since they'd dropped the ball) but my beloved spa is back in working order!

Original review posted by user Sep 05, 2018

1st I want to say how much I LOVE my MasterSpa- I have the Twilight 67.5 and I adore it! It literally is my favorite inanimate object.

The problem? If something goes wrong there is no local presence to have parts or service.

The Warranty does not allow for service to your spa - and the company will send you part and tell you how to replace but does not provide service.

If you complete the repair incorrectly - will they cover issues stemming from this??

Sometimes you have to live and learn. When it is time to replace my beloved Master Spa I will go to a company who will service the thing!!!

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Resolved: Master Spas - Review in Plumbing fixtures category from Plainview, Texas

Thank you for your recent post regarding your new hot tub. We had the opportunity to review the situation with your local dealer and it sounds like you have been in touch and are getting the issue resolved. Thanks for your patience and enjoy your new spa!
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Master Spas - Review in Plumbing fixtures category  from Plainview, Texas

Update by user Feb 11, 2016

Master spa replaced our pump today....Just in case it was damaged...Thank you!

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2016

Our new spa was delivered today and the main pump would not start up..it would only hum. The delivery guy tried both speed settings and got nothing but a hum..

He called someone and was told to check the wiring. .he did and everything was good. He then tried to turn the motor shaft with a screw driver but it would not turn...until he tried again and got it to move...he then started the pump again and he started slowly with a clicking sound...as it started running fast it started to move water out of the jets...but still didn't sound right compared to pump two. The delivery guy did write down on his paperwork that pump 1 was not right and I signed it and then he left I went back to the tub and found Ice floating in the spa....Could it have been froze up from its ride from up north? Next problem. ...I found the wood at the base had cracks In It. (See photo)

I again followed up with our sales person at Atlas spas in Texas and he had Tom Long from Atlas contact me..Tom said he has been In the business 35 years and he does think I will have any trouble with that pump...He also said the all Master spas are build with the low quality wood on the bottom and they all have cracks right from the factory and assured me that it was presure treated and I should have no trouble with that either...and because I was upset about his answer. He did offer to send someone out to caulk the cracks and repaint the board. For a charge because it's not a warranty issue...

Here's my thoughts...For the $9500 we paid for this tub. The motor should be replaced. Just in case there is any damage..as for the cheap wood used in the frame. Thats my fault....I assumed that your advertising was true... But how can your frame be sealed wood...with cracks running through it? At this point..would I ever buy anything from Atlas..NO..Would I ever buy another Master spa...NO

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