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Thanks master spas. I bought a master spa at your factory sale in Texas and in a few simple words, it's amazing. No chemicals to speak of and very quiet. This is our third spa. I wish we had known of your company earlier.
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Corpus Christi, Texas
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Good customer service
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Master Spas - Bad News! Spa Pool and BBQ sale

Thank you for your post regarding your experience at a sales event held by a dealer of our products. We are sorry to hear of this situation and we'd like to reach out to the dealer on your behalf if this situation has not already been resolved. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or so we can discuss this matter further. Thank you.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund

We are seeking resolution on a deposit placed on a floor model at a convention center in Texas at the American Bank Center on the 29th of August 2014.

We have made a formal request to have our 500.00 deposit refunded to our Visa Account."

We Met with Travis the sales Rep in the afternoon on the 29th, We called him the morning of the 30th and requested a refund on our deposit stating that our concerns discussed the day prior were prohibiting us from going through with the sale. Our intent was to purchase a unit once we closed on the house. Travis told us he had seen and was aware of our concerns and was expecting the call.Later that morning we received an email stating that our deposit would not be refunded and we needed to read our contract. We then moved forward to the sales manager at the show, Glen Oslen, and discussed Chapter 39 Texas Business Commerce Code, the intent of the law being to protect consumers from Merchants in other than permanent places of business. It states and gives a 3 day buyers remorse clause if the purchase takes place in other than the business' permanent place of business. We were denied the refund and informed that the intent was to hold us to the contract we signed. That the intent of their company was to stick to their side of the agreement. After voicing our concern that this is against Chapter 39 and that we would like to work out a solution were advised to refuse delivery when the driver called. We are not sure why, the contract clearly states that delivery will not be scheduled until 50 percent had been paid and the remainder would be due at the time of delivery. We did receive a call from the delivery guy (Ben) and my gut instinct was to not refuse delivery but delay. I was very clear that we were not refusing delivery but wanted to wait until we settled the issue with the company before moving forward.

We have now made a request in writing to have our deposit refunded. This request was given to the manager on the sales floor our sales Rep and sent to the company as well. Our only recourse if the return is denied will be to file a dispute form with our Bank and Credit card company as well as the BBB. None of these actions are our preferred by us, we would have liked keep it simple.

No business card, emails, warranty information, no information package about products. Salesman printed a page schematic for electrician instead of providing a manual. Very pushy, incorrect on their knowledge of the law, good at misleading. Not a happy customer. Represented themselves as one company. No two phone numbers with the same area code. Hard to figure out who to contact. So we duplicated and went through Master Spas and Pool Spa and BBQ Sale.


I would like to respond to this complaint. the Mesmer's put a deposit down on a floor model and agreed to take delivery in 3 days, after you phoned the salesman about you canceling you we're informed that the salesmen can not authorize a cancellation .

It is a holiday weekend. We all met and came to an agreement to try and sell the unit for you and refund your deposit. We did this for you and then you still went on line and complained. Shame on you.

we did everything to resolve this for you and bent over backwards to help.

Your money has already been refunded and the swim spa has been sold. As far as I am concerned it is your integrity that is in question not ours. All we were going to do was deliver the product that you agreed to buy.

There is no hard feelings here just a little disappointed that after all we did to resolve the situation you still complain. Good luck and best wishes.


Wow, Really? Your reiews as a company are horrible, even used car dealers have better reviews.

I'm an outsider looking in but I sure know that you selling that hot tub again was not a big deal at all. And I also know that deposits don't always stick, esepecially if financing doesn't go through etc.

And lastly, do you really think that replying in the way you did this customer's post was the best way to influence the masses? Just the fact that you did this shows that you aren't concerned about a long term relationship and a second sale down the road.


I kind of agree with the seller in this situation. You gave them money, they agreed to take it off the market that weekend and deliver it to you.

Just because you got buyers remorse or cold feet doesn't make it their fault at all. The problem started with you, not them. And if they refunded you, what are you crying about?

Grow a pair and be a man. Go through with a deal next time or don't waste someone's time to begin with!


Thanks for your input greatly appreciated. Posting under anonymous makes your comment seem a bit less credible, almost like you are the company representative who posted a response under anonymous above.

However, buyer's remorse is okay and laws are written for consumer protection. Understanding your rights is imperative or companies that deal like this will tend to take advantage of consumers. My $500.00 was refunded by the company, because I knew my rights and stood my ground. Future business is not out of the question, the product was good, timing was bad.

However, concern for customer service may be a big deterrent for a future purchase. If this experience with sales is an indicator of how it will be dealing with this company in the future, running rather than buying may be the best option.

Your comment about Grow a pair, merely weakens your position in a debate or lowers the credibility of your argument. Stay professional in your comments, and you will be taken more seriously.

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