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Thank you for your recent review of Master Spas and thank you for choosing a Master Spas HL 624. Upon our receipt of your review, we contacted the local dealer that held the sales event you visited. They will be following up with the sales person you dealt with and review what is acceptable and not to say. The sale was not a factory direct event yet we sponsored some specials that allowed the dealer to pass along savings to you and other people that purchased new hot tubs or swim spas.
The HL 624 has been an extremely popular spa and we hope to hear that you are enjoying it.

Our goal is for Master Spas owners to have good experiences with their hot tubs or swim spas. We do work hard to maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and they allow an outlet for consumers that historically had not been available. The dealer that you purchased through also has a very good BBB rating of A-.

Enjoy your new spa and thanks again for choosing a Master Spa.
Topeka, Kansas

My interest...a three person tub. My non-interest...all the whistles and bells.

There are good reviews and bad reviews for all the manufacturers. No one has a perfect record. Like the saying goes, "you pay your money and take your chances".

Had thought the Artic Fox would work best for me but there was a Master Spa Road Show just a couple of miles from my house. They had a floor model close to what I was looking for and about a third ($2,000) cheaper.

Like I told the sales guy, I think the Artic Fox may be a better tub, but not $2,000 better. But here is where I see some discrepancies:

My sales guy (Cain) was from the Ft Wayne factory but wrote the contract on behalf of an Oklahoma City based company. He told me I was buying factory direct and cutting out the profit of the middle man. Nice sales pitch but I am skeptical as ***.

The factory claims a AAA Better Business rating. Here is how the get it: If there is a dispute with an unhappy customer they can duck the issue by saying they did not sell the unit, their dealer made the sale. Which is what is often repeated on this web site.

Anyway, I have very little respect for the BBB, I have found them to be more interested in protecting their fee paying business members than the unsuspecting consumer.

I don't regret my purchase and am looking forward to soaking in my tub. Will write a follow up review when I get the tub installed.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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