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We're very sorry to hear that you're disappointed in your purchase however at this time any issues you are having appear to be caused by the improper electrical connection. Our owners manual makes it very clear that the electrical connection needs to be made by a licensed electrician. This helps to ensure that the electrical connection is done properly with the top priority always being the safety of you and your family. Although the circuit board was initially replaced, the improper electrical hook up may have caused damage to other components including the heater.
We have followed up with the local dealer you purchased from and they are working to get a technician out to review the situation again. We look forward to you enjoying your hot tub very soon and please let us know if you have any questions at 800-860-7727.

We bought a Twilight 8.25 at the Houston Expo Oct 9th. We had a friend hook it up and found that it would not turn on.

{This was our second mistake) We were charged $1330 to replace the mother board. OK fine, they leave and we notice the HEATER is working. They come back out a week later and made "adjustments". They leave it is working and a few hours later we get errors.

Heater is over heating! I have heard at least 3 ppl are having issues from the expo spas.

Again I am waiting for them to schedule an apt. VERY Unhappy in Sweeny Texas

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $11685.

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