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Hi Kodi. Thanks for reaching out, we're sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with your experiences so far. I talked to our Customer Service Supervisor about this situation and he did inform me that he has talked to Aqua Spas and that they have been working to resolve these issues for you. If your swim spa has not already been repaired, it should be soon. Thank you again for the honest feedback, we appreciate it.

My name is Kodi ****** and in April of 2019 I received a Michael Phelps Master Spas from Aqua Spas. Having been excited to finally receive my swim spa, I was disappointed to discover several issues from the beginning.

I am only posting this out of complete and utter frustration and want to warn everyone about the way I have been made to feel like a nuisance/inconvenience rather than a customer with issues needing resolved.

It should have been red flag that something that required at least a team of two men to deliver ended up with only one. Once our pool/spa had completely filled, I was surprised to discover that one of the jets was detached and floating around on the spa side. It was later explained to me the jets were removable, something that should have been explained during installation. I would like to say that my experience with Aqua Spas and Master Spas has improved since then, but it has only deteriorated further.

After numerous calls regarding missing speakers, to needing the Bluetooth receiver as well as a control panel replaced (many times with the technicians arriving without the proper replacement parts for my particular spa!), it was finally in working order, only for the exterior to start completely falling apart.

Within the first three months, the soft tread padding that was installed on the pool side has started to curl up, and all the panels on the exterior have begun to warp and bow. Because the exterior panels are still warping after being replaced, moisture has managed to get into the interior cabinet, and I believe that that is why the control panel on the hot tub side is currently not working!

I have been informed that Master Spas has repeatedly sent the wrong parts needed to repair my swim spa, which has equated to several weeks--adding up to MONTHS--worth of delays. If that wasn’t enough, the communication breakdown on the part of Aqua Spas has been worse than anything I have ever experienced, and I have Comcast. I was informed after my initial three months was up that I would need to pay for service calls; having had previous experience with the communication issue, I was reluctant to pay, however I did so in order to get the issue resolved quickly.

To the credit of the customer service department, I have not paid for a service call since, being that there has been mistake after mistake on their behalf.

I have been dealing with these issues literally since it’s delivery in April of this year. Today, October 28, 2019, there are at least three panels already bowing out and the control panel for the hot tub has malfunctioned so I can’t even set the filtration cycle to clean it.

To have an item this costly, have this many issues and looking this awful, in our yard, is simply unacceptable. I have had numerous friends and associates inquire about and express interest in a spa pool like ours, however after the experiences to date and the huge number of problems we have had, I could not imagine recommending to anyone that they buy a Master Spa product, Michael Phelps Swim Spa, or anything else, from Aqua Spas.

At this point I feel VERY strongly that the only thing of interest to Aqua Spas was making the sale, and nothing else. Nothing this company has done since has led me to believe that keeping a happy, satisfied customer, who will speak well of your company, continue doing business with you, and recommend your products and services to friends and associates, is anywhere among their priorities.

I’d like to be persuaded that I am wrong.

At this point, however, mere words will do nothing to accomplish this, only actions.

I sent all of the above in an email to the customer service department of Aqua Spas and Master Spas over two weeks ago and received nothing in response, which only further solidifies my low opinion of both. At this point I am so completely fed up that I just want the swim spa removed from my yard and my money refunded.

TLDR: If you want anxiety, a whole lot of headaches and zero communication from anyone in the organization, by all means, give these people your money.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $40089.

Preferred solution: I have honestly seen the benefits of having this swim spa in my life, but the terrible experience has me wanting someone to just come pick it up and give me my money back. What do you propose we do to fix it?!.

Master Spas Pros: I like the benefits of the infinite current.

Master Spas Cons: Quality, Lack of service, Horrible communication.

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