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Hi Chris! We’re so sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. Your feedback has been forwarded to our corporate customer care team, and they have been working with your dealer to discuss how we can resolve this for you. We understand your frustration, and would appreciate your patience as we work to find a solution to the breaker tripping issue. Thank you for your honest feedback – we appreciate it.
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Update by user Nov 07, 2018

A Masterspa technician came out and replaced hot tub components again. after they were done I refilled the hot tub and brought up temp.

I let it run at 103 degrees for a week with NO PROBLEMS. I again tried turning the temp down to 90 degrees and when it ran its first filter cycle after it tripped again. this was about 30 minutes after turning the temp down. I called the service department again and was told they would have to contact the factory and get back to me .

This has been about 4 weeks now.

I have left 2 messages and still have to been called back. I am really tired of this not being taken care of....

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2018

In June of 2017 we went to the big Masterspa blowout sale at the Wisconsin state fair park. We bought a Brand New hot tub.

We were asked if we wanted a floor model and said NO. Two weeks later when the tub was delivered they brought a floor model. Turns out that the salesman wrote it up as a floor model even after we said NO to a floor model. We have had problems with this Floor model tub since we got it.

When we turn the temperature down below 95 degrees it trips the breaker, Not right away but I think it is tripping when it runs the filter cycle. If we leave the temperature up above 95 degrees it never has a problem. Masterspa of Wisconsin has been out at least 20 times and have replaced about every part they can think of. They then told me it had to be my breaker.

We tried a new breaker at the cost of $200 and still had the same problem. They then said to install a grounding rod. We did that and still have the same problem. They said maybe it was my wiring so I had that checked out and that was all fine.

Now they are back on the breaker again. I was even told by one of there service guys that maybe I should replace my whole breaker box. That seems a bit absurd! If it was a problem with the wiring or the breaker it would happen all the time not just when the temperature is turned down.

I have spent more time making calls, leaving work , and stressing about this tub that it this point I just think I want my money back. This tub is a Lemon and not worth the time and stress it had caused me

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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