Chicago, Illinois
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i bought a master spa from my local dealer, this being my second spa in 10 years.let me tell you the neck and shoulder jets are fantastic.

I owned a hot springs previously and though we loved our hot springs it didnt have near the features as our twilight master spa. we paid nearly 10k for our 7 ft spa with lights and after comparing to similar luxury spas it was a fair deal. within a couple months of buying our spa the dealer closed its doors after 5 years, we were concerned about warranty. my wife phoned the factory in Indiana and within a 24 hrs.

sent me a list of 3 service centers in my area.

All in all Master spas has gone above and beyond for us and cant wait to use our spa again tonight.

thank you master spas.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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How did you get rid of green water issues...following their instructions got me now where....


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